Saturday, July 30, 2016

In the kitchen, last swim lesson for the summer

I am loving all the space in our new kitchen! There's actually room for several of us to help cook and clean at the same time without running into each other. Annabelle here is making a peanut butter and banana smoothie, which all the children love. 
 While babysitting some neighbors one morning, the boys asked if they could bake some cookies and sell them out in the front yard. I reminded them that it was 100 degrees and that we didn't live in a high traffic area (I wasn't sure if we'd have any cars drive by our house), but they were determined, so I helped them get out the ingredients and gave them a recipe and they went to it with minimal help from me.

 They made these snickerdoodles that are great in high altitudes, like here in Utah, and which are a healthified recipe (we used some whole wheat flour and a less refined sugar; but they're still definitely a treat).
They turned out beautifully! And I was surprised to hear that they did in fact sell some cookies and they actually made almost $6 (they sold them for 50 cents a piece). But then they told me that almost all of that came from the next door neighbor's family who loves snickerdoodles :). 

The kids had their last swim lessons this week and they all did great and improved! They'll still get a lot of practice at our pool over the next few weeks before school starts which will be good. 

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