Monday, July 4, 2016

Grand Canyon

Monday morning Scott and I got up at 330am, got dressed, got kids up and we were out of the garage by 415am, on the road to the North Rim of Grand Canyon. It's about a 6 hour drive and the older kids didn't sleep, but I didn't really think they would...we are all early risers (not quite that early though), but I still love driving at that hour because the roads are clear and it's so quiet, even the kids are quieter, and it's still dark and cool for several hours so you're not having to use the air conditioning yet and no worries of your car getting too hot and overworked. 
 Welcome to Arizona! I think this was my kids first time visiting Arizona, and though Scott was born here, he moved when he was young, maybe 4, and hadn't been back.

We used Charles' free National Parks Pass that he got this year for being in the 4th grade, which was nice. Just after we passed through the entrance, we saw all these Bison on the side of the road!

 We stopped first at the North Rim Lodge and Visitors center where we found a yellow and black
striped snake!
 There were a couple of hikes right there so we took the Bright Angel's Point, short hike, and I'm glad we did the short one because it was very warm and there were TONS of gnats out everywhere! Literally swarming us. Everyone was covered, even though we sprayed ourselves with bug spray, and they were getting into our clothes, eyes, mouth, nose everything! Crazy bugs! But it was still a gorgeous hike and outlook. It's amazing just how big and grand the Grand Canyon is :).

 After our hike the kids were starving so we drove back a little ways to an area we saw with picnic benches and a great view, and pulled our sack lunches out there. The bugs weren't as bad at this particular spot which was a relief. Elisabeth threw up, just a little, I think from all the curvy roads and the long drive, though she thinks it also might've been because she waited too long to eat which might be true. She felt better after that and once lunch was done we drove on to Bryce Canyon since the kids were done with the hot hikes in the Grand Canyon and really looking forward to the pool at our campground at Bryce.
I'd been wanting to see the Grand Canyon for a long time and I'm so grateful we finally had the chance to view it's grandness! It truly is one of God's amazing and great creations!

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