Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bryce Canyon

Monday and Tuesday night we stayed in a 8 person tipi at the Rubys Inn campground in Bryce. Scott wanted to sleep in a tipi for awhile (nice to go camping but not have to set up, take down, air out a tent) and the kids loved the idea too.  
 We packed enough food for breakfasts, lunches and one dinner: cereal and milk, apples, bread, rice cakes, peanut butter and honey, and hot dogs and fajitas.

 The tipi's were roomy and nice and tall so we could stand up inside. I didn't sleep very well because I'm a light sleeper so if I don't have my noise maker, and if I'm surrounded by people who move and make noise in their sleep, then I wake up a lot. But 2 nights was bearable :), and I enjoyed the rest of my time! I especially loved hiking and my early morning runs...although the antelope I saw when alone on my runs, did make me a little nervous.

 Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
 Nora loved the chipmunks she kept seeing around (in the bottom left of the picture below).
 We did a 3 mile hike into Bryce Canyon one morning which was beautiful! This was the children's longest hike and they did wonderful! Though we did have to hold Nora for a good part of it...Jane only needed a little help at the very end when we had to climb back up a steep section.

 Charles was Jane's budding during the hike and he was so good with her! He stayed right with her the entire time and kept sharing with her words of encouragement. Such a good brother!

 Our campground had an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub which we used after our hikes; so refreshing!
 Tuesday night we ate dinner at The Pines, which is our favorite place to eat in Bryce. Not only do they have good food but they have amazing pie, and around 12 flavors to choose from! Scott says he's not looking to pleased in this picture because he had just gotten the bill :/; eating out with a family of 7 is usually pricey. But we were fine, we just try to be frugal, and it was vacation :). I especially love the lemon and coconut cream pies.

I'm so grateful for this beautiful family of mine and for the time we were able to spend together amongst God's many beautiful creations.

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