Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Zumba, RSL Soccer, Wheeler Farm, Temple Double Date

Even though Elisabeth is at home and can babysit Tuesday mornings when I go to Zumba, sometimes a couple of the girls like to come and watch. And such was the case last week and they got into my purse and took lots, and lots of pictures and videos. Here are just a few: 

We stretch during the last song and sometimes Nora will come out and stretch with me. She's pretty flexible. 

Scott and I were gifted tickets to the RSL soccer game last week so we went on a midweek date night. The game started at 8pm and the weather was beautiful, the sun was setting, it was still warm but not hot and not cold. Scott and I both played soccer and enjoy watching so we had fun cheering on the sidelines and eating churros and burritos. I can't go to a game and not get food!
I tried to take a selfie of Scott and I sitting in the stadium, without him knowing :). He looked down at the last second and tried to quickly look away :).
I sure love this guy! Even after nearly 13 years of marriage, we still enjoy one another's company and in fact love being together.
Since the kids are off of school, we're going to make it a goal to meet Scott for lunch once a week at Wheeler Farm, which is within walking distance of his office.

Every 3rd Friday of the month is our ward temple sealing night and we've gone a couple of times with our close friends the Hansen's and gotten dinner afterwards, which always makes for a nice evening.

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