Monday, June 13, 2016

UVU Piano Festival and Summer Chores

During the first few days of Summer Break, Elisabeth attended a Piano Festival/camp at Utah Valley University in Orem. She was there from 9-2, Monday through Wednesday and loved it. 
While Elisabeth was busy learning and playing music, the rest of us were at home getting our summer daily chores done which include their normal chores (piano, tidying bedroom, unloading dishwasher, taking care of their stuff, reading), plus extra reading time with a book report that's supposed to be turned in each Friday on what they've read (they don't have to finish the book, but they need to write on what they've read that week), weeding for 20 minutes, running, an 'ask mom' which means they ask me what I need help with and then do that chore, and a room that they're to be in charge of and keep tidied in addition to their bedroom. So far so good and they usually get everything done before or just after lunch. Sometimes the reading is done just after. 

Charles' extra chore a couple of  days was loading and hand washing dishes

These 2 girls are tidying up the kitchen

checking their chores off their chart. They are learning that they can get a lot done in the mornings without any trouble or complaint.

Nora cut herself some bangs one day this week which I wasn't happy about. Luckily, they don't look too bad. 
On the last day of Elisabeth's piano camp, we planned to stay in the Provo/Orem area instead of driving back and forth (which Jane HATED doing because she gets car sick). First we went to the Blendtec headquarters where returned my Twister Jar but then as I was walking out, I met the owner and had a nice long conversation with him and we talked about some of my issues with the twister jar and I decided to go back in and ask for my twister jar :). Next we stopped by Krispy Kreme who had their Hot Now sign on and we each got a donut,
We dropped by the BYU broadcasting building where Studio C is filmed and though we didn't get to meet any of the cast, the kids got a little poster and Studio C bracelets.
After that we drove over to the Creamery on 9th and bought some produce and lunch and ice cream for the kids,
and then we headed over to my cousin Rachel's house who lives in Pleasant Grove and the kids played while Rachel and I chatted and got her kitchen painted...that's my kinda visit, where you can talk and get a mindless chore done at the same time! I like to be 'doing'.
Elisabeth had a little recital that same evening but I didn't want to put Jane through the torture of driving back there once again that day for an hour recital, so Scott just took her and made a video and took some pictures so that we could all enjoy it at home. She performed a duet that night with another girl, a friend she made while there, named Clara. It wasn't a challenging piece but she enjoyed doing it and she liked playing a song with her new friend.

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