Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kids Jogging Club, Shirt and Tie Cake, Romney's Visit

Scott and I want to start a jogging club with the kids and a couple of their friends, but before we invite others to join, we thought we better get this going with our own children first to try and figure out the logistics. For right now, they are running between .5-1 mile, but we'll up that number soon. Annabelle is having a harder time, but we are not giving up on her. I told her the two older kids can run ahead and I'll stay with her and we can jog as slow as she'd like and just do .5 mile until that feels comfortable and then we'll slowly increase. I think it'd really help her to have a friend so I'll need to talk with some moms and find out who'd be interested. 
Abby, one of Elisabeth's close friends, asked me if I'd help her make a cake for her brother's mission homecoming. I was happy to help, to work with Abby and teach her some cake decorating skills, and we even had Elisabeth and their other good friend Maddie helping as well. Abby wanted to make a 'tie' cake, like the kind you wear with a white shirt, and she said his favorite color is red. We worked on this Friday from 10-2.
So this is what we came up with: 
I think it turned out very cute. She added his missionary tag to the cake when she brought the cake home. 

Friday night my sister Becca and her family arrived from Idaho. They had a short visit and left Sunday afternoon, but we loved our time together. Saturday morning we went for a hike in Pleasant Grove at Battle Creek.
It's a beautiful hike, very doable for all the kids, and we love the waterfall at the end.

I love this picture of Charles holding Jane's hand as he carefully guides her down a steeper slope toward the waterfall.

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