Wednesday, June 8, 2016

End of School Year

The kids are done with school for the year! During their last week I was able to attend the kindergarten field day which happened on Wednesday, and the rest of the schools Field Day which was on Friday. For Jane's field day I ran a station. The class was divided into four groups of 5 and at my station we played a game where you divide into two teams and someone from each team picks up an easter egg from a bowl, opens it up and reads the sight word inside, closes it, puts the egg on a giant spoon and then quickly walks down to the cone and back and puts their egg in another bowl for their team and then hands off the spoon to another team member. Once all 40ish eggs were gone, you count up the eggs in each teams bowl and see who won (many times they tied).
Since we had nearly 20 minutes at each station, we also had time to play a little hula hoop and cone toss. 5 points for the cone closest to them, and 10 for the further one. 

Wednesday night was Pie in the Park for our ward which consisted of treats in the pavilion and then visiting or playing at the park. Scott and I enjoyed playing ultimate frisbee and the kids played on the playground equipment and did jump rope (I jump roped too for a bit which was fun). 

 Jane with Mrs. Peterson, her kindergarten teacher, on her last day of school Thursday.
 The girls used their chore money to buy themselves battery powered toothbrushes. They brushed their teeth a lot those first two days.
 I took this picture of a journal entry from jane's kindergarten booklet. I like how she sounded out 'really' to be 'wille'.
 Field day Friday, I came to help usher children from activity to activity in Annabelle's 2nd grade class. They had lots of fun games including: parachute, musical sponge chairs, hula hoop hand holding circle, water balloon toss, infectious zombie tag, noodle tag (while gathering 1/3 sized noodles into a pile),' under over' sponge pass and then the last team member in line runs the sponge to a bucket of water and takes it to the front of the line, and beach volleyball. My favorites, because of their simplicity and fun factor, were probably musical sponge chairs, infectious zombie tag and the under over sponge pass.
 Annabelle won the musical sponge chair game.

The kids have recently discovered Phase Ten, so we've played it a couple of times recently. 

 Scott was the coach of Annabelle's soccer team this Spring and they had their last game this past Saturday. It's fun having them do this together. That last game was sure hot though, in the 90's, so I found myself a spot to sit a short distance off, under the shade of a portable school building :),
 Saturday we took the kids swimming at our outdoor city pool, and afterwards we got the kids a pizza and Scott and I went on a short date to smash burger....we don't eat much at these places because I'm vegetarian but they have this great avocado, ranch black bean burger so I told Scott (who had been wanting to go), that next time I did a long run, we could go (because all their food is super high calorie so I need it on a day when I've burned a lot). Besides my black bean burger, we also shared sweet potato fries and a salted caramel shake which was all good :). I can't do much milk, but sharing it made it better.

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