Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Elisabeth is 12!!! Happy Birthday!

Elisabeth turned 12 today, which means she's no longer in Primary but has moved up to the Young Women's class at church, which she is super excited about! They surprised her with this sign on our garage on her birthday:

We took her on her birthday date, with mom and dad, last Friday. She choose Culvers which has frozen custard and fast food :). I ate some rice cakes with almond butter and apple slices before we left since I'm a vegetarian, but I enjoyed dipping french fries in ice cream; something I picked up from my dad years ago :). 
 Saturday she celebrated her birthday with Abby and Maddie at the Classic Fun Center. They did some arcade games,
 roller skating (they're all pretty new to skating so it was a little scary and dangerous; I stayed with them and took turns holding Maddie and Abbys hand since Elisabeth was okay on her own; but they still fell a couple of times which is scary).

 After skating they did the bounce area.
 They got pretty tired and thirsty from all their bouncing :).

 Afterward, we came home for home made pizza and cinnamon rolls, and they watched, "Once I was a Beehive" and played a new game Elisabeth got from Abby called Mad Lib.

Today Elisabeth gets to pick the meals, so we'll have french toast for breakfast, and enchiladas for dinner, and then tonight we get to do what she's been wanting to do for a long time: go to the temple to do baptisms. We sure love our Elisabeth and are grateful to have her in our family.

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