Monday, June 6, 2016

CO friends, Funny Nora, Zumba

Scott's work buddy from Colorado, Stephen, and his wife Marie stayed with us for a weekend last week when they came out to judge the strength of some model bridges that engineer college students had made; they had come from all over the world. They stayed with us last year too for a weekend, around the same time and we enjoy their visits. We introduced them to the wonderfulness of Kneaders, a soup and sandwich place that also has an amazing bakery! :)
I liked Nora's pajama choice, and how she didn't button her shirt, but rather wrapped it around and tucked it into her shorts :). Picture worthy moment.

Nearly every Tuesday morning I go to a free Zumba class that's held at a local church building. Nora comes along with me and plays with toys on the side...or gets into my purse, finds my phone and takes lots of random pictures and videos, including this picture here:

I love to exercise but I don't love to do the same thing everyday so I do a lot of different things. As of right now, I'll usually run Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, Zumba and Weights on Tuesday, and then thursday and Friday I do videos, or weights or yoga.  I'll start biking and swimming with Scott soon, to prepare for our next sprint triathlon in August. 

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