Monday, June 27, 2016

Cat and Mouse, and Father's Day

Our good friends the Ludwig Family, invited us over for dinner one night last week and after dinner, as we were outside visiting, we watched the neighbors cat, who came into the Ludwig's back yard, find a mouse in the yard and pounce on it! I know that cats are good for catching mice, but I'd never witnessed it before, and although I wasn't up close like our boys were, I could see the cat pounding on the mouse with it's paw and then of course you can hear the boys commentary of, "It took it's head off!" and "It only left the intestines!" Gross. I wonder why things like that fascinate boys and disgust many girls...maybe because God made us the nurturers and boys the hunters? Either way, they found it quite fascinating, like a science experiment. 
 Father's Day this year was bittersweet. We love and admire Scott and the father's in our lives, but it was also my first father's day without my dad since he passed this past September; needless to say, I cried multiple times throughout the day, and the week leading up to that day...not long or hard, but just tears in eyes mostly because I was having more memories come to the surface.

We kept it simple (thank you Scott) and we had frosted mini wheat for breakfast since cereal is a special treat around here (though I had a green smoothie), and we had cheese tortellini for dinner. Scott got new biking shorts, a collared tshirt for work, weight lifting gloves and a new watch band from us. And he was totally surprised with a new road bike (not from me or from someone in the family; it was a sweet random act of kindness)! His old bike we got used and it has continuously had issues with the brakes and the shifting, and we'd been talking about getting him one for awhile, especially since the sprint triathlon is coming up in August, but they're so expensive that we were going to wait a little while since we've had lots of other big expenses recently. We are grateful for such a thoughtful and generous gift.

 Father's are so important and necessary in homes and communities. I am so grateful for the wonderful men in my life including my wonderful husband who is the father of our  5 children, for his dad and for my dad who taught us so much, for our family and friends.

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