Monday, June 20, 2016

AC Summer Piano Recital

The kids have a summer schedule which includes cleaning up after their own things (bedroom, dishes etc), piano, extra chore, job room, reading scriptures, reading and more. I found Jane on her already made bed, early one morning, reading her scriptures which made my heart so happy. 
Each Monday, a family in our ward who has a pool, opens it up to the neighborhood for swimming. We've gone to this for years and the kids love it. 

They also have a trampoline and a playhouse they like to play in.
Elisabeth has learned lots of fun new tricks to do on the trampoline so whenever she can play on one, she does.

Annabelle and Charles had their Summer recital last week and they both did very well. Charles played Disney's, Go the Distance, and Annabelle played, Shave and a Haircut. 

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