Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday Cooking and Healthy Strawberry Cream Smoothie

Most Sundays we spend together, at church, at home, on walks and in the kitchen. I love that everyone gets involved with the Sunday meal. It makes cooking so much more delightful! Since we have 9 o'clock church right now, and don't often have time to make a big breakfast like we normally would if church was later, we make breakfast for dinner fairly regularly. On this particular week, Scott and Elisabeth made a braided cinnamon bread which we then turned into French Toast. It was so yummy!
 A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday, Jane had a lot of sugar and junk food(she attended a birthday party plus she had her normal saturday night treat) and that night she threw up. This has happened with some of our children in the past. But what's different with Jane is that she is now afraid of having sugar and if she does have some, she feels sick, almost instantly, but I really think it's in her head. Hopefully she will get off it soon. Because of this, she's been asking for more healthy treats, and if we're in a time crunch, smoothies are wonderful! We love this Strawberry Cream Smoothie. I love these cute kids and their strawberry mustaches!

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