Monday, May 23, 2016

Reliable Commuter Car, Black Widow

I took this picture on a Sunday afternoon, of Charles and Nora building and playing together. Charles and Nora are quite similar in their personalities. They both are full of energy and ideas, they both are very affected if they have a low blood sugar (more so than my others; to the point where it's hard for them to function at all if they haven't eaten in a while), they don't often clean up after themselves and they are easily overwhelmed when they are asked to clean up a mess, even if it's small. I remember when Charles was small, if I asked him to clean his room or tidy up something, he would fall to the floor and often stay their for a long period of time because he didn't know where to begin and just felt overwhelmed. Nora does the same thing. And sometimes she'll fall asleep on the floor while she's down there. 

 Scott and I have been having car troubles for awhile. His car problems started years ago but have gotten worse with his longer commutes (about 30-45 minutes each way, depending on traffic). My van started acting up last September when Scott and the kids drove out to Washington to be with me and my family when my dad passed away. Between the two of us, our vehicles have spent a lot of time in the shop over the past several months, with alignment, axles replaced, brakes replaced, fuel tank replaced, harmonic balancer replaced and most recently Scott's truck started leaking again and this time it's the water pump(I think) that needs to be replaced.  We've spent a lot of money on fixing them and they are still not fixed.  We own both of our vehicles and we decided it was time to get Scott a more reliable commuter car, so we put his truck up for sale, and we bought a toyota corolla.

We didn't want to buy something brand new because they are so expensive and the value drops significantly as soon as you drive it off the lot, but this one is a 2015 and has under 10,000 miles on it and is much cheaper than a new corolla. And you can't get much more reliable than a toyota. We haven't sold the truck yet but we have gotten several offers on it (we were very honest and upfront about the condition of the truck), we're just waiting for the right price.  

I was sweeping out the garage last week and found this black widow in a corner near the garage door! Yikes! I quickly got rid of it and then talked to Jane and Nora, who were with me, about not playing with spiders (they love rolly pollys and ladybugs, so I wouldn't put it past them to discover a new insect friends). Looks like we're going to need to spray the house soon.  

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