Monday, May 2, 2016

Nora's 4th Birthday!

Nora turned 4 last Wednesday! Tuesday she helped me make a couple of white cakes from scratch. 

And she wanted it decorated with some pretty hearts and flowers.
After we made the cake she got pretty tired and took a power nap on the dining table bench.
I was worried she'd fall off and get hurt, but she was fine.
Wednesday morning she woke up sometime while I was on my run (between 6-645) and was so excited to see her gifts!
Once all the family was up and out, she opened her gifts and put on some of her new clothes and once they took off for school we did a Sprouts and Costco run. Note to self: do not take kids out to the store on their birthday because they will ask for everything and you'll feel more inclined to give in since it is their birthday. So she got a Luna bar from Sprouts and Pirate Booty (cheddar puffs) from Costco, plus she got to eat a Costco hot dog for lunch (no soda though; gotta put my foot down somewhere). We picked up a slice of pizza for Jane too, went straight to school to pick her up from kindergarten, she quickly ate and did homework while I unloaded some items, 

and then we headed to the rec center so they could swim/play at the indoor pool which was Nora's birthday request for months.

We were there for a couple of hours and they had a blast. Afterwards Scott asked how it went and I told him the same thing, that the girls loved it! To which he asked, "and how about you?". He knows me too well. I do not like swimming, getting in a swim suit or being wet, but I was happy to go on this special day and watch them have a wonderful time.
Nora was all tuckered out after the swim, but wanted to watch a movie since it was her birthday, which I allowed, but shortly after starting the movie, she was fast asleep.
And since she fell asleep with damp hair, when she woke up it was a bit cattywampus which we got a kick out of. 

Elisabeth had piano that night and Scott got home early enough that I could take her and stay rather than bring all the kids with me, drop her off and then have Scott pick her up (the kids hate when they have to drive with me because it ends up being about 45 minutes round trip). Once we got home we had pizza for dinner and cake and homemade peanut butter ice cream for dessert.
Happy Birthday sweet Nora! We sure love our kind, independent, cheerful, athletic and happy girl!

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