Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother's Day! I love being a mom!

 Mother's Day I was served my favorite breakfast: green smoothie, made by Elisabeth, and my favorite dinner: enchiladas, rice and beans, made by Scott and the kids!

The kids all had their homemade gifts that they'd done in school or at activity days and I bought myself white church shoes, from Scott :).

 With our 5 kids ranging in age from 4 to almost 12, my role as mother now, has changed somewhat from when they were all young and needing me to meet most of their basic needs (feeding, changing, keeping them safe, carrying them from place to place). In the mornings, once I've taken care of myself, 'sharpening the saw' as Stephen R Covey would put it, I am the supervisor/manager and I make sure children have done their chores, made their lunches, fixed their hair and cleaned up their messes before they head out the door for school. During the day I do a lot of cleaning, cooking and spending time with Nora and Jane, who is in half day kindergarten. We read stories, do homework, I help Jane with her piano, we have quiet reading/writing time, and I try to have them get some exercise each day (endorphin's make us happy, and I like happy people :)); Nora's exercise is usually biking to school with the kids and mom each morning. Once the kids are home, around 320, I am usually in the kitchen where I welcome them and ask them about their day, they get a snack and start on homework and piano and I am there to help with whatever they might need, including memorizing spelling words, timing for reading or math, helping with a project etc. I'll also usually finish dinner prep at this time and do a little more tidying. Oh, and I'm also the chauffeur and Wed and Th I take kids to piano lessons and during different seasons, I drive different children to different sports practices. I'm grateful we are close enough to our church that our kids can walk to cub scouts and activity days.

 On weekdays, the kids don't get much play time with friends, maybe 30 minutes if they can quickly get all their homework, chores, piano etc done, but Friday and Saturday they often are with friends for several hours so I try to have a snack out and ready to share because I know they'll be hungry from playing for so long, and because I want them to stay at my house :). So I suppose I have ulterior motives...I like my children to play here and I want their friends to feel loved and welcome.
 One of the kids snapped this picture as I was tidying up something in the kitchen, and visiting with them at the same time :).
I love being a wife and mother. It is the most satisfying, fulfilling, hard, challenging, growing and rewarding experience of my life. I'm so grateful each one of these spirits were sent to our family. I've learned so much from each and every one of them and they continually help to strengthen and refine my character and I've grown closer to Christ through that process. Happy Mother's Day!

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