Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fit Bit, AB Soccer, Nora Bday Date, Blendtec Dream

I used birthday money to buy a Fitbit. I wanted to know about how many steps I take each day and then try and increase that number by moving a little more in the afternoons, which is when I usually have more down time. They say the average healthy person should get 10,000 steps in a day which is equivalent to about 6 miles, and I've found that I usually get quite a bit more than that every day, except for Sunday which is usually not quite 10,000 steps. My goal for now is to get over 10,000 three times a week, and over 20,000 three times a week. I run 6 miles probably 2-3 times a week right now as I'm training for my half marathon so I have 10,000 steps in before the kids go to school at 8 in the morning(though actually, running 6 miles gives me about 9,000 steps but I get the rest from just running around in the house, getting kids ready for school). When I do other exercises at home, which is very often, like weight lifting and HIIT etc, I don't get very many steps with those actual exercises so those days I try and walk with my kids to school and pick up Jane from kindergarten so I can get my 10,000 in.  I also like the fitbit because it's also a watch, and I like that it will vibrate and has caller id when I get a call on my iphone, that way I feel like I can leave my phone in my room more when I'm at home, instead of carrying it on my body all the time, which means less regular interruptions from notifications for texts and emails etc. which is nice. This fitbit also monitors your sleep, if you sleep with it on, and will tell you when you woke up and how long you were awake and also when you were in a restless sleep. I tried that for a couple of nights but found myself not sleeping as well when I had it on because I just can't stand to have anything extra on me while I sleep: rings, bracelets, earrings, or anything of that sort. This fitbit also keeps track of your distance, heart rate and calories which I find to be somewhat accurate. 
During the months of April and May, our stake has dodge ball each Thursday evening for primary kids and then the following hour for the youth. My kids LOVE this and look forward to going each week.
Annabelle is playing soccer right now through a local recreation center, and Scott is her coach which she loves. I love that they get some extra time together. 
Annabelle is number 3.

Nora turned 4 last week on Wednesday (more on that in the next post), which meant this month is her turn for a date night with mom and dad. We ate dinner at Cafe Rio,

and then we walked over to Menchies for some frozen yogurt dessert.
My food processor stopped working a couple of weeks ago and then a few days later I had a dream, more of a nightmare, that my Blendtec started smoking and then died. I woke up in the night, my heart pounding and I had to reach out and touch Scott so I could calm down, which in turn woke him and he asked me about my dream so I explained to him what happened and then went back to sleep. That morning as I was making my green smoothie, my Blendtec started making a funny noise and then it started to smell funny and smoke and it died! I couldn't believe that what I had dreamed about the night before, actually happened. I took a picture of the home screen on my blendtec before getting rid of it, displaying how many blends we've done over the past 6 years that we've owned this: 8,372.
That happened on a Saturday so Monday morning I called Blendtec, they listened to my motor and agreed that yes, indeed it was the motor, not the jar and that since I was still under warranty, they could either send me a new one or I could go into the Orem corporate office and pick up a new one. I decided to go in because I use it daily and didn't want to wait. While there I also found out that the Twister jar was cheaper in store than online and I had been wanting to see if it could work in place of my food processor that just died, so I picked one of those up too.
And a couple more random pictures: Nora falls asleep everywhere, and almost daily for about 30-60 minutes. Although I don't make her nap, and I don't actually even suggest it because then it's a defiant 'no' and we have more problems, so instead I don't say anything ever and usually while I'm cleaning or having some quiet reading time myself in the afternoon, she'll fall asleep...we don't allow media during the week except for one show on Wednesday for the little girls so that could be part of it too because there's nothing too enticing for her to stay up and do.
Jane learned how to blow bubbles with her gum! :) She sometimes blows bubbles so big they cover her eyes too! She also just learned to do a back bend! She quit gymnastics after one week because it was 'too hard' but we've been working at it daily and I think mostly she was just too young to start for her personality, but I think in the next year, especially with a year of piano under her belt, she'll see that life is hard, but we can do hard things, especially when we are diligent about practicing each day. 

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