Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Father's and Sons Campout, Girls Night, Planting Seeds

Friday night was our stake Father's and Sons camp out, at Hobble Creek Canyon. Scott took off work early so that he and Charles could be up there by around 530. They had hot dogs and sausages for dinner and they brought some oatmeal cream pies to share :). They both had a great time camping, spending time outdoors and being with friends. 

Since the boys were gone for the night, we invited some girlfriends over after dinner, whose husbands/sons were also out. Kim, Amanda and Kelly came over with their girls and we ate snacks and visited, and the girls watched Napolean Dynamite and then played until around 1015-1030. The next morning I went for a 6 mile run while Elisabeth watched the girls...this coming Saturday is my half marathon! I'm pretty excited/anxious. 

The boys got home around 9am Saturday morning and we left by 930 for Annabelle's soccer game. After soccer we came back and planted vegetable seeds in the garden, as well as herbs and flowers along our back fence. We're so excited to have a garden again this year since we were renting the past two years and could not have one. I'm excited for the kids to be able to help take care of and nourish the seeds they've planted and to see them grow and then be able to pick and eat the fruit of their labor :). Planting seeds is so much like our own personal testimonies. Once the seed is planted, or the testimony started, it's up to use to daily nourish it and strengthen it through scripture study, prayer, temple attendance, family home evening, church etc, and once they are grown and strong, we continue to nourish and care for it so that it does not become weak and die. The steps are simple, we just need to be diligent and consistent and we will be happy and blessed now and forever.

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