Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Charles 4th Grad Program, Annie Soccer, Wet Run, Mexico Report

Charles had his 4th grade Program last week. I had heard about it a month ago and then figured as it got closer, Charles would come home with details but this kid did not want to go and dance with girls or sing, so he did not tell me. Ever! Elisabeth, our 6th grader, came home from school one day and said they watched the 4th grade program during an assembly that day, and that Charles was the only one who was not dressed in his white shirt and jeans, but he wore his typical athletic shorts and t-shirt. I messaged a mom from the class and asked her about if she'd heard anything about when the night program would be for the parents and she said it was going to be that night! I found Charles and went through his very messy, and full of papers, backpack, looking for any papers that he might have failed to give to me with the dates on them or other important information, while we had this conversation: "So your program is tonight." -Me
"Oh. Yeah, I think it's at 7." -Charles
"Uh, why didn't you tell me this the other day when I asked you? And it's at 6." 
"No, it's at 7. And I didn't tell you because it's optional."
"No, it's at 6; I Just got off the phone with Kaden's mom who confirmed that time. And it's not optional. We are going so get your white shirt and jeans ready." 
Mumble, groan, whine. 
So we went and he danced and afterwards we went to their classrooms where they presented their county reports and I apologized to his teacher for not being dressed appropriately for the assembly earlier that day and I told her about his 'optional' response, to which she laughed and said, "I'm not too surprised. He did not want to sing and dance and he told me he probably couldn't make it tonight."  
I pulled lots of papers out of his backpack, plus some heavy rocks. 

 He looked very handsome in his outfit so I even took a video of his dance so we can enjoy it for years to come.

 Annabelle got to be goalie at her soccer game this past Saturday and she didn't let any in.
 Earlier that same Saturday morning, Lisa (a friend/neighbor) and I drove down to American Fork Canyon where we ran 9 miles in heavy rain with her sister in law and another friend. Running that long in the rain isn't so bad when you have friends to visit with :). But we were soaked through, all our layers, very fast.
 Elisabeth did a country report on Mexico last week, and I did a 30 minute presentation for Annabelle's 2nd grade class last week, also on Mexico. It was nice having us do the same country because we shared information and ideas. And Elisabeth taught me how to do a slideshow using which I loved! It's fun (and a little scary), doing something new.

Her teacher, Mrs Shaddick, took these pictures during my presentation:

 Here we are doing the hand slap game on the floor while reciting a song/rhyme which helps us remember the days of the week in Spanish (went to the tune of Frere Jacques..."Lunes, Martes, Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, Miercoles, Jueves Viernes Sabado, Jueves Viernes Sabado, Domingo. Domingo.")

I went to the Mexican Market the day before my presentation and picked up some Mexican Chocolate and some Mexican sweet bread for Elisabeth and I to pass out during our presentations. This mexican hot chocolate is nostalgic for me. With my dad being from Mexico, we always had this on hand and I had it a lot growing up. It's different than your typical american powdered hot chocolate. This chocolate comes in these brick like circles and you can cut/brake off a triangular piece to eat or put in hot milk. I used to sneak these chocolate pieces as a child and eat them :). And they don't taste like your normal chocolate bar either. It's darker and grainier, but I loved it. 

 And I was happy to cook some up for my kids and let them enjoy a special treat from my childhood. (When I drank it, I always had bread to dip inside).

This is what happens when I'm on my phone not paying attention to my children when I should be: stickers all over my face, compliments of Jane. Love our Jane! And I will make an effort to do better about not checking messages when they're around. 

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