Monday, April 18, 2016

My 33rd Birthday

I turned 33 last week! I woke up and went for a 6 mile run, and came back to a green smoothie made by Elisabeth, which is my favorite breakfast ever! I got some new exercise shorts and headbands, a book I love, Life's Search For Meaning, a Roxberry Juice gift card, my favorite Burts Bees lipgloss from Jane and some money from both our parents to spend as I please :). Then everyone was off to work and school and Nora and I did a quick clean of the house and went over to the kids school by 9am so we could see Charles and Elisabeth in their school orchestra recital. 
 Here is Charles on the cello and Elisabeth on the piano. They did wonderful!
 Here they are with their awards/ribbons.
 Scott came home around lunch time and we dropped Jane and Nora off with Kim and then went to lunch at India Palace which has a buffet. It was delicious! Next we stopped off at Schmidt's Pastry Cottage and I got a small slice of birthday cake and a sugar cookie, and Scott got a cookie as well :).
 We picked up the girls, came home and started on dinner, the peanut butter ice cream and the jam tart. Scott made me a jam tart for my birthday last year as well; I sure love them! And him!
 For dinner we had Cafe Rio style foods: black beans, brown mexican rice, shredded chicken (for them, not me as I'm vegetarian), tortillas, salad, guacamole etc.

Elisa L and Kim both stopped by later on in the day with food/treats and this beautiful plant. 
 After dinner we headed off to one of the local high school's for the kids Monster Concert which was elementary orchestra's from all over the school district. It was huge and the kids performed more at the one earlier that day at their elementary school so I was glad I had been able to make it to both.

 Once we got back from the concert the family sang "happy birthday" and we enjoyed our home made peanut butter ice cream and jam tart. I loved spending some extra time with Scott and being with the family, enjoying some of my favorite foods and seeing some friends. It was a wonderful day!

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