Wednesday, April 6, 2016

General Conference Weekend in Idaho and Car Difficulties

This past weekend we drove out to Idaho to stay with my sister Becca and her family, because my brother Fred and his family drove out from WA for their Spring break, so we had a little mini family and Lani(my niece) were able to join us as well! We got to test out Becca's new salon that they put into their home; several of the girls got their hair cut. 
That weekend was also general conference weekend and we LOVE general conference and look forward to hearing from our living prophet and the apostles and other general authorities, so we made sure to have it on so we could watch on Saturday and Sunday. I was able to listen to most of conference though there are a few talks I need to rewatch because I was distracted with cooking or helping a child a few times.
Saturday morning before conference started, Robin and I went for an 11 mile run. This was my first time running 11 miles, though I've been working up to it for the past month or so, and it went really well. Robin introduced me to running with a water bottle (strap on hand) and eating a snack part way through, which was brilliant and I definitely felt a boost of energy from that fuel. This is the snack she brought with us to share and it was super tasty! Since then I've come home and bought both the water bottle with strap and snack pouch, and a few of these waffles from Honey Stinger which kinda makes me excited for my 12.5 mile run this Saturday morning so I can test them out! I pushed myself a little more running with Robin. I knew she ran about 8 minute miles on long runs and my long runs were more like 8:50 or 9 minute miles. We ended up running the 11 miles in 1 hour and 35 minutes which meant our average pace was 8:35min/mile! It was hard but I was still able to talk some, just a little more breathy. It felt a lot more aerobic. I was a little sore the next day in my thighs, hamstrings and upper back. It was a good feel. 

The kids loved all their cousin time. Becca and Blake's home in Meridian has a great set up for friend/family gatherings with their fire pit, trampoline, ping pong table and covered back patio.
In between sessions on Saturday we went for a quick hike in Boise.
Becca waxed some eyebrows, but I refused. Just doesn't look  like my idea of fun, especially considering my sensitive skin.
Saturday night while the boys were at the Priesthood session, the girls did some Wii dance and watched Liv and Maddie :).
Even the adults did some coloring.
I love this picture of Gran with the grandkids. She's telling them stories from when she was younger and they were all very enthralled. We're grateful for the time we were able to spend with family and for the Romney's for opening up their home to so many of us.
On the five hour drive home the van started shaking as we went up hills so we took it in (again; last month for brakes) and they did some expensive stuff, again, and said it's a little better but not fixed; which means we'll need to take it to the dealership and have more diagnostic tests done and probably more expensive stuff done.  Scott's truck was in the shop two weeks ago for a week as they had to replace a leaking fuel tank, which is also expensive. Well, such is life. We'll just keep on, keeping on.

*Added the day after this post: On my run this morning I listened to general conference talks and one in particular touched my heart and I felt like it was guidance for me pertaining to our multiple unexpected and costly expenses over the past few months (2 trips to ER, car, flights for funerals etc; all while we're working hard to save). Elder Montoya told of  a group of people who traveled 12 hours to attend a small temple and not all were able to enter the temple because there were just too many for that small temple. He talked with several of the members afterward, who were not able to attend, and they told him not to worry, that they were able to allow others to attend for the first time and still were able to sit in the garden at the house of the Lord. One man he spoke with said,  "The Lord knows me, and He has blessed me, and we are fine." I was reminded of Nephi and his positive, and cheerful responses to all of life's challenges and felt an overwhelming amount of love and peace in my heart and a closeness to the Lord as I began to remember all of his many, daily blessings and again remembered that we all have challenges, trials, and setbacks, but that's what defines us. Those experiences help to refine us and mold us into beings that are more like our Savior, if we will follow his example, remember his many blessings and "cheerfully do all things that lie in our power".

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