Monday, April 25, 2016

Dinner Spoon, 6 week Healthy Habit Challenge

At night, when Scott and I take the children to bed, we ask each one of them what their favorite thing was that day, and almost every day, each of them will mention dinner. And even though I'm sure the food is part of the reason why, I think an even bigger reason is because it's a time for the entire family to be sitting around the table together, visiting. Now, that being said, when there are 7 people around the table, all eager to talk and share their experiences from the day along with other stories, it can get pretty loud, and sometimes a child might get upset for being interrupted. Scott and I remembered listening to a 'sharing gospel principles' interview where one father talked about having a spoon or spatula, that when held, gave that person the floor. We decided to give it a try and we've done it all week and so far, so good! The kids pull out a wooden spoon as we're setting the table for dinner and put it in the middle of the table and once we've blessed the food and we've started serving, someone will get the spoon and tell us their news and then we'll pass it along so everyone gets a turn to talk without interruptions. 

 I started a 6 week Healthy Habit Challenge a couple of weeks ago. Elisabeth's piano teacher told me about it and it sounded like fun so I joined an online group and got put on a team and we're all working toward some healthy habits, some different, some the same. The goals include sleep, exercise and nutrition, and then there are a couple of 'free choice' habits that you fill in on your own. Once I got started, the older kids all wanted to do it as well, so I edited my spreadsheet so the goals were a little more kid friendly (8-11 hours of sleep instead of 7+, and 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water instead of 100 ounces) and they got started. You get one 'free day' a week per category which is nice. I usually use my free day for my meal plan (I chose 'no refined sugar or white flour') on Saturday, my free day for exercise on Sunday and for sleep on Friday and everything else I do pretty much daily, unless I have a slip with my personal goal of 'no complaining, whining, sighing', then I'll use my free day for that :). I did a lot of these healthy habits even prior to starting this challenge, but what I'm liking about the challenge is the steadiness of doing it every day, especially when it comes to not having sugar and getting enough sleep every night. Prior to the challenge, we would try and go to be around 10 and wake up around 515, but some days it was 1030 or 1045, or 11 on weekends, and we'd still be waking up at 515 and so we felt more tired on some days. But this challenge has forced me to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night so we are a lot more exact about getting the lights out between 10-1015 because sleeping in is not an option, especially during the week, when we have certain things we need to accomplish each morning so that we have a good day (scripture study, exercise).

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