Monday, April 11, 2016

Char's Dog Bite, Friends, and Nora

 A few days ago the kids were outside playing with neighbors before dinner and I went to the front window to peek out and check on them and I saw Charles coming our way, with his hand on his face, and blood dripping down from that hand, all down his arm. I opened the door and asked him what happened (thinking he got hit in the face by a ball) and he said he got bit by our neighbors dog. I had him go into the bathroom since he was dripping quite a bit, and I got out alcohol wipes, triple antibiotic ointment (neosporin) and a band aid with some gauze. Apparently there were lots of kids around this dog (who is normally a backyard and indoor dog with no small children living at home) and someone patted his bum which spooked him and he snapped at Charles who was sitting on the ground nearby and got his tooth on the top of Charles' nose. Once I cleaned off the puncture wound with the alcohol wipe and gave Charles a wet rag to hold to his nose, I was unsure if he would need stitches because it looked a little deep. But after a few minutes the blood slowed a lot. I said a prayer and then put some antibiotic ointment on the gauze and stuck it on there with a band aid. His nose hurt that night but he didn't cry, didn't even complain, he only told me it hurt when I asked him how it felt. But his sweet sisters cheered him up with fun stories, jokes and playing games with him and our neighbors whose dog had bit him, came over and asked what Charles' favorite treat was and then they went to the store and brought back rootbeer floats for everyone. All the kids and Scott enjoyed floats that night (Charles' favorite treat is rootbeer and though we allow the kids to get a treat once a week, we've asked him to only get soda once a month so this was huge). They had brought a HUGE tub of ice cream and 2, 2 liters of root beer which meant we had a lot leftover so over the next couple of days we shared with 12 neighbor friends who had come over to play :); hopefully their moms were upset with us for sharing, but I did make them promise that they would still eat the next meal there mom was making for them, and they all agreed :).
 Thursday early morning my good friend Elisa L had her fifth baby and so we had her four kids over the next day from 730am-130pm; they were on Spring Break and unfortunately my kids were not, so they didn't have their BFF's to play with but they know me and my little girls so well because we get together often, that we still had lots of fun together. Annika and Nora helped me make muffins while the boys played sports outside,
 and we all came in for awhile and quizzed each other on state capitols, had lunch, and finished with a  basketball game of 'horse'. And of course, as luck would have it, just before their dad came to pick them up, Ben, the 2 year old, tripped while outside and scraped his face on the cement :/. Sorry friends, we were trying to be careful!

We've had several friends have babies recently. Another of our good friends and neighbors had a baby boy a couple of weeks before, also their fifth, and I was able to go over in the middle of the night and sleep at their house with the kids while mom and dad went to the hospital. I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to help a couple of my good friends; they are both the type that don't normally call on people for help so I was pleased that I was given a chance to do something for them, even if it was small.
And we have a couple of random pictures of Nora. We had made granola one morning (we make a batch weekly) and she begged to lick the spoon after...I'm not sure why because there's not much on it, just a few oats mostly :). 
 Annabelle just started playing soccer on a team with Scott as her coach. She just got her new uniform and has been wearing it around, asking people to play soccer with her, and Nora was happy to play, especially if she could, too, get all dressed up in soccer gear. As you can see, the soccer uniforms we have are WAY to big for her: the shorts go down to her ankles, the short sleeve shirt looks like a long sleeve shirt, and the shin guards are so big they barely stay on and come up past her knee :). She's a funny girl.

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