Monday, March 21, 2016

Practicing Responsibility, Dinner Partners, Sick AB

Ever since attending stake conference last week on preparing missionaries (charles was with us), he has been so on top of things! He's been setting his alarm every morning instead of just twice a week on orchestra mornings, waking up at 6am, and getting all of his stuff done before school: cleaning bedroom, making bed, playing cello for 20 min, playing piano for 30 min, making his lunch, unloading his dishwasher, and doing it all without a word from me or Scott, except for the occasional reminder to give his sisters space...he is very loving :). The Lord and his expectations are motivating and inspiring! And if we raise the bar, they will step up their game :). 
 A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we've started scheduling the kids each week for a night to help make dinner; they helped before but not every week. We have all been loving this! They love learning new recipes, I love that they are learning how to make a variety of dishes, and I love having a family member as a cooking partner in the kitchen with me which makes it more enjoyable :). Nora and Jane do more of the mixing, pushing buttons on appliances and supervised measuring, but the older kids, especially Charles and Elisabeth, can do most of it all on their own, and they like to. So I'll stand next to them and will talk them through steps that might need a little more explanation, or help if they need assistance, but mostly I'm just their watching and talking with them. Here is Elisabeth making an Indian dish.
 For our FHE activity this week we did a video Grandma Smith sent us online where you plank to the song Cha Cha Slide. You end up planking for a couple of minutes which was fun and challenging.
 Remember how Nora had a fever for 5 days a couple of weeks ago? Well Annabelle got it this past week and she missed school the entire week. Her fever finally broke on day 6, the morning after she was given a priesthood blessing from Scott and our friend Aaron. I am so grateful for priesthood power that the Lord has given us to use to bless and heal. I took this picture one day as Annabelle practiced piano (I didn't make her practice, but said she could if she felt okay enough and she wanted to most days because even though she was feverish and more tired, she had moments when she felt okay and wanted to do something) because she would ask Nora to come in and dance as she played...I think they were playing house :).
Last time we went to the library, Nora came home with a kids yoga dvd :). I put it on for her one morning and she ran upstairs and put on her exercise clothes, ran back down and did the entire video :). 

 And she was really good at it :).

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