Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Making Improvements, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

 About 6 months ago, a couple of good friends were talking about the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It sounded good but I didn't have much time to read with all our house projects and I soon forgot about it. Then just a few weeks ago Scott was telling me about a book he just put on hold at the library, and he was number 200 something on the wait list. I asked what book (because it must be a good one to have that kind of a wait) and he said, "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up". I told him when he got it that I wanted to read it as well.

As mentioned before, we have family coming in town this weekend for Annabelle's baptism and that, along with the fact that the Spring weather has come upon us here in Utah, I had a desire to get a lot of organizing and tidying done this past week. I went onto youtube and looked up marie kondo to see if she had any interviews or other such videos with tips on cleaning and tidying and I found the entire audio book there! I started listening and I listened for 2 1/2 hours one day as I cleaned and tidied my kitchen and then my clothes (including shoes, accessories etc). I filled up three large 13 gallon garbage bags that day. The following day, Saturday, I went into Jane and Nora's room which has been feeling way too fill and cluttered, and not only did I fill 2 more large garbage bags with clothes and toys, but I also got rid of an entire dresser which created more space! (we were able to move all of Jane's clothes to Nora's dresser once we cleared out several drawers in Nora's dresser which were filled with toys which they rarely play with.).

Before: (notice the dark brown dresser and the bookshelf next to it on the Right side)
After: (we got rid of the dark brown dresser and moved the bookshelf on top of Nora's dresser)

I wish I would have gotten a 'before' picture of my dresser drawers which were stuffed to the brim with clothes that were mostly not folded. I discarded a lot of clothes, only kept the ones that brought me joy, then neatly folded and organized those shirts/pjs/exercise clothes/pants/etc so I can see each one, and here is the 'after' picture of a couple of those drawers:

Friday and Saturday Scott and I (mostly Scott) also made all the frames and put them on all three bathroom mirrors. We also had to take down the master bath mirror which was a bit of a headache (that's the one I accidentally broke the week prior), put up a new one and then frame it. 

Soon we'd like to replace the light fixture in our master bath and paint. We also need to paint Jane and Nora's room and put the floor down in the bathroom downstairs, and we're always thinking of more improvements! We're so happy with the way all of our home improvement projects have been turning out, though we're also noticing that the more we do, the more we see flaws in other areas and the more we want to continue to improve and change. Works just like life, huh? The more we begin to have faith and actually live the gospel principles, changing our lives and improving ourselves, becoming more like Christ, the more we see how much we still have to work on in so many areas. But we shouldn't get overwhelmed and discouraged, rather, get motivated and inspired and keep at it! One day in the future you'll look back and be amazed at all your many changes and improvements, and you'll be grateful for all the hard work you put into making those changes :).

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