Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jane's 6th Birthday and Easter

Jane requested a Frozen ice cream cake for her birthday. She didn't want any cake, just ice cream and toppings. She helped crush vanilla cookies and we put that on the bottom and in between the layers of ice cream. 
 Our springform pan made this pretty easy, though you do need to make it a day or two in advance so it has time to freeze before you frost it. We lined the spring form with saran wrap, put in the cookies, icecream, more cookies, icecream and then put it in the freezer. The next day we pulled it out of the spring form pan and took of the plastic wrap, setting it back onto the metal part of the spring form pan and then covered it in frosting. Bake into the freezer it went and then once all frozen again we pulled it out and added some decorations.
Jane requested cereal for breakfast (it's what they usually request because we never have it). 

 This is not my idea of fun (city Easter Egg Hunt) because it's too crowded and noisy but our older kids found out about it and told the younger ones and since it was Jane's birthday and she wanted to go, we went along with it :). They had multiple roped off Easter Egg hunting areas around this huge park for different age groups: 2 and under, 3-5, 6-9, 10-12 etc.
 Here she is in her cute new outfit and her Easter hunting loot.
 Scott found this used bike for $35 which was better quality and cheaper than Walmart bikes and Jane loves it. Her old bike was getting too small and the next bike up that we had was a little too big; she needed help to get on and off, so this is in between the two.
 Her Frozen ice cream cake.
 She invited over a few girls from church/the neighborhood and had a party later that afternoon.
 Elisabeth, Annabelle and their friend Maddie helped run most of the games. Here is 'pin the nose on Olaf'.

 The cotton ball game, or 'get as many snowballs as you can'.
 Frozen Bingo,
 and hot potato, or cold snowball :),
 Sunday morning the kids followed the paper Easter Egg clues to get to their baskets. They got some fun snacks like Annie's crackers and fruit snacks, Izze drink, lemon almonds, fruit leather and the home made peanut butter eggs, a cadbury egg, plus some bubbles, the Hank Smith collection of cds and the home made lotion.
 Dad and Nora had a little siesta in the afternoon.
 Easter dinner: chicken, potatoes and roasted veggies.

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