Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Annabelle's Baptism and Helping Others Recognize the Spirit

We were so fortunate to be able to have both my mom and Scott's mom fly in from WA and NC, and my sister Becca and her family drove in from ID and joined us last weekend for Annabelle's baptism! Our mothers arrived Thursday afternoon, and then Friday morning we were able to attend the 7am Provo City Center Temple open house. It had been several years since we attended our last temple open house so the kids were especially excited to be able to walk around the inside of the temple. Friday late afternoon Becca, Blake and Bella arrived. We mostly just hung out, visited, cooked and ate together :).  
The baptism was at 130pm on Saturday at our church building. Two other children from our ward were also getting baptized so we shared the program; it was nice not having to do everything, all the talks etc :). Each of the other two families had someone give a talk, one on the Holy Ghost and the other on Baptism, and our family was in charge of doing a musical number. Elisabeth played "Promises" on the piano while Annabelle, Elisabeth (in a microphone at the piano), Charles and Bella (the other kids were standing at the pulpit microphone) sang the words. It's the perfect song for a baptism. Elisabeth was also the pianist, I was the chorister and Scott's mom said the closing prayer. Everything was lovely. 

 After Annabelle was baptized, she went into the women's restroom where I was waiting there for her so we could get her changed out of her wet clothes into her dress. She was beaming! She could not stop smiling. I asked her how she felt. She smiled and said, "wet." "Anything else?" I asked. "Happy and good," was her response.  I was reminded of a scripture in the Old Testament. Samuel is a boy and had been given to the Priest Eli so he could be raised unto the Lord. One night as Samuel is sleeping, he hears who he thinks is Eli calling his name so he gets out of bed and goes to Eli and says, "Here am I." Eli tells him he didn't call him and to go back to bed. So he goes back to bed and then this all happens a second time: he hears his name and wakes up, goes to Eli and says, Yes Here am I, and Eli sends him back to bed. I like what it says next. It says, "Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord, neither was the word of the Lord yet revealed unto him." When Samuel hears his name the third time and gets up and goes to Eli, Eli finally realizes what is going on and he tells him that it's the Lord calling Samuel and that next time that happens he should respond to the Lord. There is an important principle here. Parents/guardians need to teach their children to recognize the promptings of the Spirit because they're not just born knowing where those feelings and thoughts are coming from. So as Annabelle and I were getting her ready and as she was trying to put into words her feelings, I pointed out that that was the spirit. The spirit brings feelings of love, happiness and peace and she was feeling all of those things at that time. She felt so happy when she realized she was feeling the spirit and she's talked about it multiple times since to different family members. I know that when we help our children to recognize the spirit when it is present, it will prepare them so they will be able to better recognize the Spirit on their own.
 After the baptism we came back to our house for some refreshments. Besides the family staying with us that weekend, in attendance we also had Luann and Fred (uncle) and my cousin Rachel and her family, and my dear friend Elisa and her daughter Annika who is Annabelle's BFF. My cousin and aunt brought fruit and veggies, and we also had chips, salsa, refried beans (but not actually refried), granola bar bites, hummus, crackers, raw key lime pie and as per annabelle's request, sugar cookies in the shape of temples, CTR shields and the number 8. I wish I would have taken a picture! I was happy the family sat around the table with me the day before and helped me frost all those cookies.

Before the baptism we noticed that Nora's fever of 101 the night before, had since gone up to 104! We gave her some liquid tyelonol and then went on with the baptism. After people had gone home we checked her temperature again and she was around 104.6. We gave her more tyelonol (we made sure it was 4 hours after the first dose) and her temperature came down slightly but it was still 104. We called a nurse hotline and the nurse told us to bring her in to the ER. We did and they immediately gave her ibuprofen and got a urine sample and did xrays on her chest and checked her ears. No infection in urinary tract or ears, and no pneumonia, and the ibuprofen started to bring her temperature and heart rate down. We were there for a couple of hours and then we were sent home and they told us to give her both ibuprofen and tyelonol around the clock until her fever broke, but that if the fever persisted for more than three days to bring her into the doctor. We did as they said and after day 3 of the fever I called the doctor and was advised to let it go for 5 days and if after 5 days she still had a fever, then to bring her in. Well day 4 her fever started to come down to under 103 and by day 5 her fever was gone. Hallelujah! We've never before had a child whose temperature got up to 104 and we've never before had a child whose fever lasted more than just a day or two. We said lots of prayers and she was given a priesthood blessing from her dad Sunday night all of which were helpful and comforting and we knew she'd be okay. Here she is at the ER, eating a slushy and watching TV with the new stuffed animal, Dumbo, which they gave to her. (she also got a popsicle, juice and suckers and they were so good and sweet with her and loved talking to her and kept telling her how cute and pretty she was...I didn't think she'd ever want to leave!)
 Here are the kids with their cousin Bella playing with the Elenco Snap Circuits.

 Becca cut Nora's hair again...I just love it this length right now because not only is it cute, but it is SO super easy for me to do her hair when it's cut like this. And actually, most days, I don't have to do anything at all to it; sometimes I run a brush through it if she slept crazy, but that's about the extent of it.
 The adults had some good laughs playing telestrations.
 Sunday we took a couple of pictures of Annabelle and the family since I didn't do a good job about that the day before, on her baptism day. (This is the dress Bella, our cousin, used as her baptism dress, and Becca brought it along and gave it to Annabelle. Isn't it beautiful? We got lots of comments on this dress; Bec found it on Etsy and she got the over jacket from David's Bridal).

 This was Nora on Monday, day 3 of the fever.
 My mom and Becca's family took off Sunday around 2pm and Scott's mom took off Monday around 3. We let the kids come home from school early, around lunch time on Monday so that they could have a little extra time with Grandma before she had to fly back to North Carolina. They loved playing hookie with gramma! :)

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