Monday, March 14, 2016

AC Piano Recital, Nora All Better, Cooking with Mom

I saw this shirt while I was shopping and laughed out loud because I thought we were one of a very few that used this term, "hangry", meaning hungry and angry :). 
Charles and Annabelle had a piano recital this week and also Federation on Saturday. For Federation they just play a memorized piece or two in front of a panel of three judges. It only took about 5 minutes. We'll get the notes from the judges at their next piano lesson. This allows the kids to get some good feedback, mostly of which is positive.
After their recital Tuesday night we went to Menchies and got frozen yogurt with our friends the Ludwigs, whose son also played at the recital.
Nora is all better now from her high fevers. She ended up having a high fever for 5 days which was long. Here she is on her bed that she made all by herself :).
This week Jane and Annabelle helped make whole wheat tortillas which we had for dinner one night. I love having the kids help in the kitchen making meals, and I love that they are learning to make all sorts of foods which I think they will thank me for one day :). 

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