Tuesday, March 8, 2016

9 Weeks Training for Half Marathon, New Chores, Learning to Cook With Mom

Last summer I started training for a half marathon that my friend Gina's family puts on each September. I had never done one before and the longest I'd ever run was 6 miles prior to that point in time (which was LONG for me, normally I do 3 miles), but I got up to running 10 miles, and the race was two weeks out when my dad was hospitalized. Shortly thereafter I flew out to be with him and was there when he passed on to heaven, which I'm so grateful I was able to be there, that I was prompted to fly out when I did so that I was able to talk to him that day, which was the last day he had a voice. I stayed for the funeral and missed the half marathon but I decided then that I would do one again sometime in the near future. 

That time has come and last week I signed up to do the Provo half marathon in the beginning of May, which gives me about 9 weeks to train. The weather was so cold and the inversion so bad this winter that I only went out for a run maybe 2 or 3 times the whole winter, and only for a mile or two; instead of running, I exercised indoors doing HIIT and other exercise videos with Bob Harper, Cathe Friedrick and Insanity. So, as for running, I'm basically at ground zero. I made a schedule to follow so that I can get up to the miles I need in time, while only running twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays since I don't like running every day. Wednesdays I plan to run 3-5 miles and Saturdays will be my long runs, starting at 3.5 miles and increasing the mileage each Saturday by 1.5 miles, with a couple of Saturdays near the end that aren't quite as long, but more like 6 mile runs(Scott or a friend might join me sometimes, and I'll be listening to books and scriptures when I'm alone). This is going to be hard work for my body which hasn't run in awhile, but I'm hoping it will handle it okay since I'm an active person. We shall see! 
 Speaking of work, Jane is 5, almost 6 and her only chores before this point in time were to make her bed, tidy her room, clean up after her messes, and to help clear the table after meals. We decided it was time to give her a little more so she now has the job to unload the silverware tray in the dishwasher rack when it's clean. That used to be Annabelle's job but now Annabelle does another rack in the dishwasher, along with Charles, and Elisabeth got bumped off dishwasher duty and is now our daily kitchen sweeper. I can hear this song playing in my head often when I see them all working together, "When we're helping we're happy and we sing as we go, and we like to help mother for we all love her so!" Sometimes we sing as we go, and sometimes we dance :).
Another way they help mom is with dinner. Even though the kids cook with me on occasion, (Jane more than anyone else because she's less busy than her older siblings and she's here with me during the day when I do dinner prep) I wanted all the children to cook with me on more of a regular basis. We decided to have them add their name next to a dinner we have listed on our Menu for that week (I let them choose what's for dinner every couple of weeks and so they'll typically go for the ones they choose if it's an option, otherwise they go with something else) which means on that day, they will make dinner with Mom. I love this! I love that they are all learning to cook foods they love plus more! I think one day their future spouses will thank me :).

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