Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Teaching smoothies, Annabelle's Birthday Date and Baptism Pictures

Last night I taught the young women in our ward, how to make a smoothie.When the leader asked me to show the girls how to make yummy fruit smoothies I asked if I could put some greens in there too, to which she responded, "as long as it tastes really good!"  :) I think all my green smoothies taste really good, but I know what she means, it needs to taste good to those who are new to green smoothies, and perhaps who don't eat many greens, or at least a variety, regularly. So I came up with a recipe that has lots of fruits, but I think it's so important to put in the greens because of their cleansing and detoxifying properties and they are just an all around amazing food, so I put in a little so they could see that you can have it in there AND it still tastes good! The recipe below is what I wrote down as I was experimenting...I used one whole banana and apple and also added 1 cup of ice. 

Last weekend Scott and I took Annabelle out for her birthday date. She wanted to eat at Sweet Tomatoes...I think mostly for the soft serve ice cream and chocolate muffins :). I love it too for the salads and soups...and blueberry muffins :). 

Sunday after church, the sun was shining and it wasn't as freezing cold as it has been, so I took Annabelle to Oquirrh Mountain Temple for a mini pre-baptism photo shoot in her white dress.
She is so excited to get baptized next month, and we are so proud of her choice to follow the example of Christ.

We sure love this beauty! Her sweet, good spirit, loving demeanor and fun-loving personality is a blessing in our home and to our family.

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