Monday, February 29, 2016

Sleep Anywhere, Practicing Piano and Wax Museum

Nora continues to fall asleep several times a week, since she's been without naps, but usually not in a bed. Usually she falls asleep in her carseat (I think the shortest ride we took where she fell asleep was to the school which is literally a 2 minute ride), or on the couch or on the floor. One time I found her fast asleep on the floor, with her head and arms propped up on a if she were going to do something with that footstool and then just decided to take a little rest and passed out :).  

I have been in need of a new kitchen mat as my old one was showing lots of wear and tear around the edges. I spotted this one at Costco last week with this phrase, "Happiness is Homemade" and I couldn't pass it up. You can't see the whole thing but it has several whole food items in the picture, mostly fruits and vegetables and a couple of homemade items. 
Speaking of food, even though I don't eat a lot of animal protein (when I do, it's usually in the form of cheese or eggs or butter and maybe 3 times a week) I love a mozzarella cheese, tomato and pesto sandwich on whole wheat bread, cooked with a little coconut oil on top of the bread. Yum! If you have never read "The China Study" written by T Colin Campbell and which is the most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted, you should! It doesn't say you need to cut out all meat or animal protein, but it explains why we should be having much less if we want to help ourselves keep from developing tumors, cancer and disease etc. It really isn't hard to do if you're eating lots of plant food which will feel you up and keep you satisfied!

Here is a random picture of Jane, Nora and Anna being cute and silly.

I snapped this picture of Elisabeth's piano practice notebook because we had to text her teacher a question about one of the assignments. All three of our oldest children continue to practice piano each day (A and C for 30 min and E for 45-60min) and improve regularly. A lot of time and work is involved with learning to play an instrument. I love that it gives them confidence(because of improvement over time), teaches them to stick with hard things and not give up, and to be responsible and diligent about practicing. Jane had started practicing with Elisabeth awhile ago but she stopped shortly thereafter...we told her she didn't need to start until she turned 6, which will happen next month.

I took this picture after Charles' Blue and Gold Banquet (he did earn an award but they didn't have awards to hand out that night so no pictures). While people were cleaning up, Elisabeth started playing on the piano in there on the stage and little Cheryl (who has downs syndrome and is such a dear) walked up and started plunking on the keys on her tip toes and her older brother came over and sat her on his knees so she could reach the keys better and play with Elisabeth :). Loved it! Loved the dear older, high school aged brother watching out for his baby sister and loved Elisabeth who loved having Cheryl play along side her.
 Each month Charles has a book report to turn in for school. This month his book report was a Wax Museum where he had to study an autobiography of someone, he made a poster at school to go along with it and then on the day it was due he had to dress up like this person and give a 2-3 minute summary. Everyone in the 4th grade did this and there was an hour and a half period where they were in the gym and cafeteria and classrooms and parents came through and would push a 'button' on their desk and they would give their presentation.
Charles choose Davey Crockett. I loved this and I learned a lot from all of the kids presentation and what better way to learn than to have them teach the material to others over and over again.

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