Monday, February 15, 2016

Sharpen the Saw, ponderize week 12

I can't seem to get this girl to dress appropriately for the winter weather. I've put swim suits and gymnastics suits up high, but she always seems to find something. 
 At our kids elementary school, they follow and make goals using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Annabelle, our 2nd grader, brought this home with her 'sharpen the saw' habit which talks about taking care of yourself. I liked her drawings and her words that showed how she sharpens her saw :).
 I sharpen my saw by getting enough sleep, reading scriptures and exercising each morning and eating whole foods, including my daily green smoothie. In the winter months, I rarely exercise outside because not only is it freezing but the smog, the horrible pollution that gets trapped in the city, is awful and dangerous. So I do exercise videos, like Bob Harper's Strength and Cardio conditioning from his Inside Out Method, and Insanity; and then I also have worksheets for yoga, weight lifting and Jillian Michael's Boost Metabolism. Usually my winter week goes something like this: Monday Bob Harper, Tuesday Zumba class, Wednesday weights, Thursday yoga, Friday class or worksheet, Saturday video or worksheet. And really, I do a little yoga every day. I love to do yoga poses when I first wake up to get my body stretched and less stiff, and I like to do some in the late afternoon when I'm feeling a little stiff again and when I need another boost in energy.
 I've recently learned to do my headstand,
and I've been working on my handstand for quite a few months now and am happy to have recently moved away from the wall and can hold a steady handstand for several seconds. Several seconds doesn't sound long but let me tell you, it is pure awesomeness! 

 I used to make my kids drink green smoothie every day, and if they didn't finish it in the morning, I would save it for them to drink after school before they had another snack. I stopped doing that years ago and just have been doing them myself each day and will share when they ask (someone asks most every day, but it's usually my young ones). But over the past couple of months, my older kids have been asking me to save them some smoothie for when they get home from school, which makes me so happy but at the same time it also means I have to make more. I really am happy though that they've made that decision on their own and that I don't ever have to nag :).
 This one is for me, 32oz of pure plant food, which equals energy and good health!
You know what else brings good health? Sprouts! I've discovered not only the amazing health benefits of sprouts but also how incredibly easy and fast they are to make yourself! Well, by fast I mean, fast preparation time, but they actually take several days to make. I just put a Tbsp or 2 of alfalfa sprouts in a quart mason jar, fill it 3/4 full with water and allow it to sit over night. The next day I drain the water (see the window screen repair patch I cut in the shape of the lid? It works perfectly!), rinse it and then set it on it's side and then I rinse, drain and set it on it's side 2x/day for 3-4 days and it's done! 

 Okay, this picture is weird, a face shot of me, but I wanted to document my hair. I have been trying to do more natural things for my hair so that I can help it be healthy and strong. Here are some things I've been doing for awhile now: I usually shampoo once a week, though I'll condition every time I shower so several times a week. I towel dry a little and then I put in several drops of jojoba oil and a couple drops of ylang ylang and lavendar essential oil and a little bit of coconut oil that I've just rubbed into my hands. I run my brush through while it's still all wet, part it with a comb and then scrunch my hair with my hands and that's it. It air dries and looks like the picture below...not crazy hair like it always used to be when I tried to just air dry and let it be.  I might use a curling iron sometimes if I couldn't shower that morning and need to fix up some curls that I slept on and they got weird, but other than that, I'm really trying not to use too much heat.
 Here is our Ponderize Week 12

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