Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday Annabelle!

I can't believe this girl is 8! Look at that sweet face; she's still a snuggler which I love because I need to snuggle that cute face often! 

Annabelle was so excited to get her very own new, leather bound set of scriptures (OT, NT, BOM, the whole works) with her name inscribed on the cover. It's tradition that they get their own when they turn 8 since that's the year they can choose to be baptized (which will be in less than 2 weeks!!). She's also been asking for her own mini preach my gospel, like her older siblings have, and of course we had to get her some highlighting pencils and a scripture bag. 
She also got a new shirt and dress (wearing the new casual dress below), an "I am a child of God" locket, gum and gran got her some new shoes. She asked if I'd pick up Cafe Rio and come eat lunch with her at school. The benches at school are a bit small, and the room is crowded and noisy, but we sure love our Annabelle and would do just about anything as a birthday request for all of our kiddos. 

 These peanut butter and carob chip rice crispy treats are amazing! We had these for a treat on her birthday. I'll post the recipe on my food blog soon.
 Annabelle requested a tall cake with pink frosting in between each layer. I baked 6 thinner cakes (about 1/2 normal size), stacked and frosted them and then did rosettes with different shades of pink.
Jane, Nora and Anna (our neighbor friend), enjoyed licking the frosting off all of my work surfaces, spatulas etc when I was finished with them :). 

 Love these girls!

 Annabelle invited a few of her closest friends over and we decorated mini aprons ($2/each at Hobby Lobby) with puff paints,
 Everyone helped make their own personal pizzas (Scott rolled out the dough before hand, bless his heart),

Quick funny story: during dinner Scott got out sprouts to put on his salad and asked if anyone wanted any. We mentioned that they help you live longer and they suddenly all wanted sprouts and loved them! :) lol! I had to take a picture of one of the girls eating sprouts:

we sent them downstairs where our older kids lead them in 'freeze dance' and 'simon says' while Scott and I cleaned up dinner and got ready for cake and ice cream (which is annabelle's favorite, home made peanut butter ice cream recipe)

 Annabelle opened presents (Elisabeth taught us a new game where you have Annabelle close her eyes and one of the girls comes up and disguises her voice and says "happy birthday annabelle"; if annabelle guesses right in 2 tries, she opens the present. if not, someone else comes up and tries until all the gifts are opened),
Last we finished with cake and ice cream:

Happy, happy birthday to our dear, sweet, sensitive, happy, fun-loving and good Annabelle!

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