Monday, February 8, 2016

Blog Book, Annabelle's Spelling, and Food

I've spent lots of time over the past month editing my 2015 blog book, and I'm happy to say that it's done! And not only is it done, but I finished before January 28th, which meant I was able to use a 35% off coupon blurb had available until that date, so instead of paying $97 for my 244 page book, I paid $66! Yay! And I'm just happy to have it done quickly so that now I don't have to be regularly thinking about how I should be working on my blog book :). 
Annabelle is a hard worker. In the beginning of the school year, I practiced her spelling words with her for several weeks. I tell her a word and she'd spell it on paper. She did really well on all her tests, getting all, or nearly all correct and so we stopped practicing together. But then she started missing more than just one and one week she came home from school and said she missed 7, nearly half, on her spelling test! And that's not the pretest, it's the actual test. So I realized that spelling wasn't something that just came natural to her, as it may have to some other of our children, and that she wasn't one to just practice on her own, at least not yet, so we started drilling words again each day after school and since then she's been getting them all correct again(maybe missing one)! 
 And we had some recipe experimenting success this week so here are some I loved:
Homemade ranch dressing made from plain yogurt, nutritional yeast, spices and parsley.
 I've poached eggs before but I tried doing them a different way this time and it was awesome because I could poach multiple eggs at a time! You put them in a muffin tin with a little water and cook them in the oven for about 10 minutes. I'll post my egg benedict recipe on my food blog(w/a yummy homemade hollandaise sauce) in the next couple of weeks so check there for this recipe and many others. That web address is 

 I made veggie sushi again this week, but this time I used some leftover millet I had in the fridge rather than quinoa and it worked great. Tasty lunch!
 And last but definitely not least, we tried out these almond jam cookies that were delightful! The dough is made from wheat and almond flour, a little baking soda and salt and pure maple syrup and coconut oil. Then we stuck our index finger in the middle, filled it with some fruit sweetened jam, baked it, and you get these delicious beauties! My only complaint is that they were gone too fast, so I think I'll have to double the recipe next time :).

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