Monday, January 18, 2016

Trying new recipes

Saturday and Sunday each week, is when I go through my pictures and write posts for the following week, and this week, pretty much the only pictures I had taken from the week were of food! That was a first! Probably because of all the recipe experimenting I was doing this week after having checked out, "The Beauty Detox Solution" by Kimberly Snyder, and a couple of her other books. I did find this picture on my phone that Nora must have snapped as I was exercising one morning: lifting my 15 lb weights to my Cathe video I rented from the library.
 This is a kale salad I've made multiple times this week for lunch. I used the sprouts that I sprouted last week and this is the salad that I just toss on the ingredients for a dressing, and it doesn't use oil which I love.
 These are called Blonde Truffles and they are a chilled dessert made from ground almond and coconut, coconut oil, pure maple syrup, sea salt, and vanilla. I think the whole family liked these.
 'Meatballs' made from lentils, spices and veggies. Scott and I really liked these, but the kids didn't love them, though they preferred them when I cut them up into smaller pieces, more like a meaty sauce. I don't know that I've actually ever made them real meatballs before so it could just be that that seemed weird to them.
 Home made sauerkraut. This took about 7 days as it was bubbling and fermenting. It tastes so much better than normal sauerkraut and it was crispy and yummy and not soggy.
 I ate this several times this week on toast with avocado, tomato, sprouts and a little salt and cayenne pepper. So yummy!
 Vegetarian Sushi:
 This was the first time I'd ever bough Nori wrappers and made sushi which was fun for me. I loved them, Scott though they were fine (but he normally hates sushi so that was actually a compliment), and the children refused to try them. I will make these again but probably half the recipe as I will probably be eating them all on my lonesome.
 Sweet potato shepherds pie. Everyone had some and liked it fine, but no one really loved it so I don't know that we'll be making this one again.
 This 'ice cream' I've made before, but we made a couple of alterations and LOVED it! Everyone wanted seconds. It's made from unsweetened almond milk, coconut meat, dates, pure maple syrup, natural peanut butter, vanilla and salt. And I had fun cutting open my coconut a new way this time: using my cleaver. I used the coconut water in a green smoothie.

I love to have this ice cream with some chopped pecans on top. Yum! Oh and I love that I have an ice cream maker and that we can make recipes with almond milk and coconut etc because I have a dairy sensitivity, which I don't normally have much dairy so I forget sometimes, but we went out with friends on Friday and had dinner and ice cream. Scott and I shared an ice cream and that night my stomach gave me a lot of trouble which served as a good reminder.

So that was my week, a lot of cooking and experimenting with new recipes during any free time I had. My family enjoyed some of my experiments, but not all :). I don't normally experiment this much in a week, I might try  one new recipe, but since I had this book on loan from the library, I felt like I needed to make good use of my time with it. Oh, and I did make one HORRIBLE cauliflower soup that we just ended up throwing away because it was just gross and smelled gross; but we also then found another recipe for cauliflower soup that we liked quite a bit. You win some and you lose some :). I'm grateful for my family who are patient and obliging during my recipe experiments :).

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