Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sunday Dinner, Cello, Indoor Picnic, and Green Smoothie

Sunday is "Dad's Choice" on our menu every week, which means dad picks and cooks! I love it! Sometimes we'll cook together, like on this particular Sunday, and as you can see, we create a giant mess in the process :). We were cooking Thai and I was making a vegan version using coconut milk, while he made another version with milk and chicken. I'm not vegan, exactly, but a lot of dairy is hard on my stomach.

I took this picture of our January Calendar as soon as I got it up on the dry erase board at the beginning of the month. January is not too busy compared to some months, but at this point in our life, life always busy... and I just realized that I forgot to write in orchestra which is MW morning for Charles and TTH morning for Elisabeth, and of course, other things always get added throughout the month.

Charles just started orchestra and will be playing the cello which he is very excited about.
I love avocados, I love salad and black beans and so I often have all of those together for lunch. This salad has roasted sweet potatoes as well.
One of the girls snapped this picture as I was pulling Elisabeth's hair back into a braid for gymnastics. When you're doing lots of tumbling and jumping, normal ponytails just don't cut it. Gotta use french braids to hold it all in.
Jane asked if we could have a picnic after school one day but with our freezing temps and snow covering the ground, I got them to settle on an indoor picnic in our living room...I think she was mostly wanting to have a picnic so that she could use her new lunchbox that she got for Christmas anyway, so this was perfect.
I've been drinking green smoothies just about every day for about 6 years now!
I love green smoothies! Why, you ask?
Because most Americans only get a vegetable or two in their diet each day, and look at all I'm getting just for breakfast!!! And it's so easy and fast and it tastes great, well, or way better than it would were you to just snack on it by itself :). It's full of fiber and so many vitamins and minerals and gives me so much energy!
You can find this recipe on my realfoodsmom blog here.  Look at all those greens! I love it!
Oh, and one more fun, fresh food picture for you. This is one of my new favorite salads because the dressing is made from all fresh, natural ingredients, no oil and you just drizzle/sprinkle it right on top.

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