Monday, January 25, 2016

Recycled Sword, Sickness, Bball Cheerleaders

In cub scouts, Charles group made swords from newspapers, which then meant that several of our girls each wanted to make their own. Easy and cheap fun :).
Someone got a hold of my camera (fairly common occurrence) and snapped a couple of pictures of us hanging out in the kitchen after school...which is our typical hangout place because kids can work on homework on the table, while I clean and finish up dinner preparations while helping children with homework.

All of our kids have gotten sick over the past month. They all had colds (congested cough, that sort of thing), that lasted for a week to a month, and each one had a fever for about a day, or a half day. Scott and I, surprisingly, didn't get it! Yay! It's hard to take care of others when you're sick, so it's nice when it passes us by.
Here's Jane with a favorite late afternoon snack: plain yogurt, granola and blueberry parfait (sweetened with a little honey).
Scott is playing basketball at the church this winter and most of his games are pretty late so we don't usually go, but this past week he had an 8pm game on Thursday, and the kids were off of school Friday, so we all were able to go. It was fun watching our girls be little cheerleaders on the sidelines :).

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