Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Pogo Competition and Overnight Babysitting Swap

Charles turned 10 today!!! Happy Birthday to our Charles! We sure love him and are grateful he was sent to our family. I'll post some birthday pictures in the next post. 

We got a pogo stick for the family for Christmas and the older kids have been loving it, as have I :). Charles is the champion with a total of 2,500 jumps in a row. It took him about 20 minutes to do that. 
Here's a slo-mo of Charles on the pogo:
Last week we did an overnight babysitting swap with my good friend Elisa. Charles and Andrew spent a lot of time out on the pogo stick. Andrew went from his first time/first day high being around 20 jumps in a row, to the next day, his high was 1,900!!! Wowza! I loved the physical activity they were getting.

Here's a slo mo video of me on the pogo stick :). I've only done it one day so far and my high was 342, which I thought was amazing until the boys completely outdid me which shattered any and all  thoughts of greatness! 
I took this picture during lunch because I wanted to remember how the girls ate slowly and visited at the table for quite some time, while the boys didn't even sit down, but rather ate their lunch standing around the counter and then quickly dashed off, leaving some crumbs behind. Love it!
The girls asked if we could do hair, nails, popcorn and a movie. And since we only do sleepovers when we need to babysit, which is rarely, we went for it! The girls braided each others hair (Elisabeth did a fishtale on Annika), and then I helped paint nails.

These guys played pretty well together. Here they're playing Pictureka..
Since they were staying over on Monday night of our Christmas Break, we had the kids join us for our Family Home Evening lesson. 

Scott was in charge and decided to do Elder Uchtdorf's marshmallow challenge. He gave each of the children one marshmallow and told them if they could wait to eat it for ten minutes, until Scott and I came back from getting ready for bed, that he would give them two marshmallows.
Almost everyone did it, even baby Benjamin, though I think he had some reminders and words of encouragement given him from the other children.

Annika and Ben slept downstairs with Elisabeth and Annabelle, Noah slept on the floor in Jane and Nora's room and Andrew slept in Charles' room. I snapped this picture of the boys just before they went to bed...they were reading their scriptures and talking about them. Love these kids!

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