Friday, January 15, 2016

Nana's Funeral, Daddy out of town

Scott's Nana, Doris Smith (his father's step mom), recently passed away. Scott was able to fly to PA to attend the funeral service last weekend. 

Scott, Elisabeth, Nana, Elisa(me) and Charles
 He was happy to be able to reconnect with his cousins, and uncles. He hadn't seen them since we've been married so over 12 years at least.
cousins: Tyler, Scott, Kelly, Matt and Lynsey

R. Scott Smith, his uncle Bob, and his brothers Craig and Kent
Here are some pictures of our weekend when dad was away:

Elisabeth had chills and a fever Saturday afternoon. By the evening she was feeling much better.
Saturday, Annabelle, Jane, Nora and I painted the downstairs bathroom as an early birthday surprise for Scott...he's been wanting to redo this bathroom for awhile so we thought we'd get it started for him :). And I've hated this orangey/brown paint since forever!

The 'after' picture of the bathroom which is now painted in Benjamin Moore's, 'Grey Owl', which I love! Next up in the bathroom will be to replace the floor.

Sunday morning and Saturday night, Elisabeth had a couple of small red dots on her face, perhaps the start of a rash. Then Sunday, as soon as we got to church, I noticed she was getting welts all over her face, and they were growing and spreading right before my eyes. I talked with a nurse in our ward, had Brittany, a teen friend and good babysitter, with with my other kids, as I quickly walked elisabeth home to get her some benadryl. I didn't have any on hand and everyone from the neighborhood was probably at church, so I said a quick prayer and was inspired to call our neighbor Kelly. She hadn't left to church yet as she was getting the baby ready, and she had some allergy medicine! Within 5 minutes of it going down Elisabeth welts started to disappear and her itching went down! Another blessing from the Lord! Love Him! Elisabeth stayed home since they weren't completely gone down and I went back to church with the kiddos. We texted a couple of times when I wasn't up teaching singing time, and she was doing well. After church Elisabeth's face looked normal again; we're still not sure what caused it though we did try isolating a couple new foods she recently added to her diet, but haven't found the answer. Elisabeth informed me that she read the entire book of Helaman while we were away! Good job! She has a goal to finish the Book of Mormon fast and she's doing great. 

While Scott was away I also tried making my own sauerkraut and alfalfa sprouts. Both turned out great, though I made WAY too many sprouts. I started them in one quart sized jar and ending up having to put them in 4 jars because they kept growing! Whoops! Next time I will be sure to only put maybe a tablespoon of seeds into my jar. 

Elisabeth snapped a few pictures of the family on Sunday. Here are Annabelle and I after church: Annabelle reading her scriptures and me working on my family blog, aka journal. 

The kids made dad a giant 'welcome home' poster, Sunday after church. 
We hung it up in the kitchen. On the poster Elisabeth wrote this cryptic message, "we have a surprise for you in the basement" :); which was, of course, our beautiful paint job :). 

 Elisabeth reading to Jane Sunday evening before bed.

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