Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Closet and pinewood derby car

Scott took these pictures on his phone this week and I asked him for them since I only had food pictures on my camera this week :). Scott has been working hard in the basement since we moved back in May and it is so close to coming all together! We just have a couple of small things to finish up and then it's done! This is the closet that he put into the bedroom downstairs, since we had a little bit of a weird space after he made threw up a wall down there making a hallway. It looks great and we just need to paint it and make a door to put on it now. 
 Saturday Charles and dad made his pinewood derby car. Now they just need to paint it. I am grateful for dads and husbands because some of the things that he's happy to do as projects on his own (house projects, fixing things, electrical etc) and with Charles, I am most certainly not happy to do and I don't even know that I could do it well, so I'm glad he can help and take over where I really would rather not, and hopefully I do the same for him in other areas. Go team! :)

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