Monday, January 11, 2016

Charles is 10!

Charles' birthday is on 3 Kings Day, and he turned 10 years old! He requested a pack of gum, which we got for him :), and I threw in a bag of vanilla almond granola which is his favorite, and which we only get on special occasions because it has sugar in it.

Gran sent Charles money which we used to get mega nerf darts and a pair of long athletic pants since those and sweats, seem to be the only kind of pants he will wear. He also got a dollar for each year from Grandma and Grandpa Smith.
Scott and I got him a couple more nerf guns -- we need to have lots so he can play with friends and family-- adidas fleece-lined pants, and a hooded sweatshirt, which he has worn every day since his birthday...I promise we try and wash it once a week when we do laundry, but as soon as it's washed and dryed, it's on again.
We loved this birthday card Annabelle made for Charles; shows how much she loves his nerf guns :). I think she was being funny because they actually do like to play nerf guns with him.

The weekend before his birthday, Scott took Charles and his friend Kaden to Boondocks and then to In-N-Out Burger to celebrate. They loved especially loved laser tag. 

A little about Charles at age 10: he's been playing piano since he was 6, and still doesn't love it, but he's gotten better which helps...though every once in a while he'll say something like, "why do I have to play piano?" to which I remind him that it's good for our brains, it's like learning a foreign language, it helps us learn how to be diligent and work hard, and I remind him that it might come in handy when he's a missionary or sometime else. But, we did let him just sign up to do Cello with the school orchestra and if he loves it, then in a year or so we might allow him to switch from private piano lessons to private cello lessons.

Charles loves all sports and can play for hours on end. This past year he played basketball and baseball and next year he wants to do flag football. We got a pogo stick for Christmas, for the family, and Charles is the champion, by far with a continuous bounce number of 2500, which took him about 20 minutes.

Charles is in the fourth grade and his favorite subject is science. He also loves to draw, write short stories and read Calvin and Hobbes, Big Nate and Diary of  Wippy Kid (all comic-type books). Charles also still likes to play with army guys, transformers and sticks ,which become swords and other exciting and adventurous things...these also become a distraction and sometimes, when I ask him to go get something for me or assign him some other task, like to clean his room, I'll go to check on his progress 10, 15 minutes later and find him playing some imaginary game with his stick, making all sorts of fun sound effects :).

Charles loves to snuggle, have his back rubbed and to give and receive hugs and kisses. He is definitely an affectionate guy. I've found that the best time to get him to talk and get more than a one or two word response out of him (usually as he's running to do some other activity) is when I'm taking him to bed at night, as I'm scratching his back. He loves to stay up as late as possible and our talk prolongs that bed time and he loves to have his back scratched, so it's perfect :).

Happy Birthday Charles! We sure love you and are grateful for you loving, fun, sensitive and active self!

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