Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ward(church) Christmas Party-Nativity/ Bethlehem theme

Several months ago, the Relief Society Presidency pulled me aside after church and asked if I would be in charge of the ward Christmas party this year. I was grateful for the amount of time they gave me so that I could think and plan and prepare, and pull a good committee together. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of amazing people helping out. I think it turned out beautifully. Here are some pictures we took before the party, and a few during. At the end of this post I will include the notes I took afterwards in summary, with numbers and also some after thoughts so that I have it in case I ever need to do another one :).  

We had a breakfast and most of the food was prepared by the ward members. I made a signup sheet and asked for 16 signups for both a dozen cinnamon rolls and for 9x13 breakfast casseroles. We provided juice, crepes and toppings. 

 Another ward had their Christmas party the night before which was really nice because we asked them to leave all the tables up for us, and I asked them if they would keep up their christmas lights and we'd take them down. We ended up leaving them up for the next ward who had their Christmas party that following evening who also wanted to use the lights, so they ended up taking them down, but Scott and I went over to help and we returned them to the original owners because we knew they were anxious to get them back in good time and we wanted to make sure things were well cared for.

 I seriously had the best committee ever. We divided everything up (food, set up and clean up, decorations, entertainment, flyers etc) and they all did their part amazingly well. I am so grateful for each and every one of them and all their hard work.
 Live nativity done by the Primary children and the young women. We had a young women narrating.

Ward 2015 Christmas Party Summary

Total Spent: $210 (crepes, toppings, juice, oranges, decorations)

additional $35 for paper plates, cups and forks. Already had napkins in Relief Society closet. This came out of a separate budget (paper supplies)

Total in attendance: about 200; great turn out

28 Long Tables set up for people to sit at, 4 in a long line, set up vertically(7 rows). Had about 230 place settings. Good amount.

4 long tables with breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls and orange slices
1 long table with crepe makings
1 long table for two large containers juice (bought 2 large frozen orange juice from costco; ran out but good amount because still had water pitchers on tables)
We had 17 people sign up to bring 1 dozen cinnamon rolls; good amount. Had a couple pans leftover.
We had 17 people sign up to bring a 9x13 breakfast casserole; good amount. Not much leftover.
We bought 4 bags of ice
We bought 300 premade crepes ($85), had about 50 leftover
We bought toppings from costco: nutella, butter, apple pie and cherry pie filling, powdered sugar. Too much nutella, butter and powdered sugar. Apple and Cherry filling was out pretty fast.
Bought 25 lbs of oranges ($8 on sale, for the lot); served 2/3 of them
Bought a 2 pack of salsa from Costco. Good amount, a little left over.
Bought 2 bigger things of ketchup from Walmart; used a bottle and a half so good amount.

Entertainment: Live nativity(primary children) with songs sung by audience in between each verse. Children didn't move. A YW narrated. Elisabeth played the piano. Took about 15-20 minutes.

Other Notes: Started right away at 9am. Didn't want eggs getting cold. Called kids to relief society room by 930. They were not ready to perform until closer to 10. People were leaving by about 1030. I was home by 1130. We were able to leave tables and chairs up for the next ward to use that night. Ours were also set up for us before we got in by the ward who had a party the night before. I LOVED this, and think the wards should plan together each year to do their parties on the same weekend: Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night. Shared some of the decorations too like the lights and the Christmas tree. Borrowed speakers and had christmas music playing quietly in the background.

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