Monday, December 14, 2015

North Carolina: Part 3 of 3

Here are the last of our pictures from our trip to North Carolina for the Thanksgiving holiday. Baby Avery took a special liking to Scott and I don't think he minded at all. In fact, I think he was secretly pleased that she chose him over the others (and me :); usually the babies like me!).

We were able to meet up with friends a couple of times. One day we went to a park and met up with a couple of Scott's BF's from high school and their families, one of which was also his college roommate at BYU whom I knew.

Here are our kids from the three families, minus Nora who refused to be in the picture. It was good seeing everyone and catching up. We love them and it's so fun to see their kids as they grow! We were also able to get together with one of Scott's old friends, Ben Howington, and his wife one day and visit for a bit. Ben is the Mormon Guitar guy and has a couple cds out now and Scott has enjoyed watching his video's and learning to play some new songs.

Sunday we went to his parents ward sacrament meeting so Scott could see some old ward members and then we went over to Krissy's ward where they blessed baby Pierson, and then we stayed for the sunday school classes and primary.
Afterward, we had a lasagna dinner at Krissy and Wade's. Here's Sydney and Jane. They were good buds.
Charles, Scott, Scott Sr and baby Pierson.
Kelley, Annabelle and Nora.

Ruth, Krissy, Jane, Sydney and Grandma Angela.

Charles and Wade. Wade wanted to take all the children Christmas shopping, but it would've been hard to fit things in our suitcases, so instead he had them look online and show him things they liked, and later shipped them :). The kids were super excited to be able to browse and pick.

Holden, Sydney and Jane. It's hard getting a picture of Holden because he's a mover and a shaker and doesn't like to pose for pictures.
Remember Aubrey (I think that's her name), the one I sat next to on the airplane ride here that I mentioned? She told me about these total body work out videos that she loves, by Cathe. So I looked up Cathe on youtube and found a couple of free full videos and got started right away. They are very good, and I worked up a good sweat. Some use the stair stepper, which I don't have so I either tried to find one where she didn't use it, or I just modified. They're still hard even when you modify without the step.

Krissy, Nora and baby Pierson.

Everyone always wanted turns holding the new baby.

I posted something on instagram one day about us being in NC, and my old friend Amber from Bothell(we grew up together and played on the same soccer team) messaged me and said she was living their for a couple of years while her husband does residency, and that she was teaching some exercise classes at a gym about a half hour away, and if I was going to be there for a little longer, could I make it. Well, I was leaving the following day, but I went that morning since we had an early evening flight, and we were able to visit for a few minutes before and then I enjoyed her Zumba class and most of her Pure Barre class before I had to head back. It was so good to catch up and to see her in her zone, doing her thing.

Scott enjoyed doing some 'manly' exercise while he was there, like chopping wood. He did this most every day, so his parents should be nicely stocked for a little while :).
Our flights home went well. We took off at 6pm, had a nearly 5 hour flight to Vegas, in which none of us slept, and in which I developed a terrible ear ache on our descent (I think I had some mucus from a little cold that was just starting)  were in Vegas for about an hour, which was enough time for me to buy some medicine to dry out my sinuses, and then we boarded our plane for the 1 1/2 hour flight to SLC, in which we all slept soundly for the entire flight. We landed in SLC at 11pm which was 1am NC time. We went from high 60's and low 70's to freezing temperatures, and I don't think any of us brought jackets, just sweatshirts, but we were only outside for a short time as we got into the shuttle to take us to our van, and then walked the short distance from the shuttle to the van. We got home a little after midnight, everyone went right to bed because School begins at 825am the next morning, and they'd already missed 4 days from this trip so we didn't want to take any more days off.

We had a wonderful trip and loved the time we were able to spend with Scott's family and some friends. We loved being able to spend Thanksgiving with extended family, because usually it's just us, so this was nice.

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