Wednesday, December 9, 2015

North Carolina: Part 2 of 3

Wow, it has been really busy around here what with all the kids recitals (4 this month), normal school and schedule and extracurricular activities, my new calling as ward primary chorister and I'm doing our ward christmas party, which is this weekend, plus finishing off christmas shopping. So, we have the delay on these posts. I will try and be better after next week :).

Now, part 2 of 3 of our NC trip:
The Shevlin family arrived Wednesday morning and Charles was so happy to have Anthony arrive; a male cousin his age (well, two years older but close enough)! They wrestled,

They played piano,
They played football for hours, and did a lot of walkie-talkie time :), and a lot of pull ups on gramma and grandpa's pullup bar. 
Here are the girls with Anna,
and drawing with aunt Jenn,
quality cousin time...on electronics....maybe more quantity rather than quality :).

Baby Pierson was born 8 weeks ago and everyone loved holding him.
Mark, Jenn and Anna with our girls, hanging out at Krissy's house.
A football game in the Sutton's backyard.
One morning Grandma pulled out her juicer which was thrilling for many of us! I was so excited to see a juicer in action and the kids were happy to help put the fruit in the machine.
Pineapple, carrot and apple juice. Yum!
Thanksgiving morning we went to the middle school and ran around the track, some played a little football and frisbee, and we created a mock American Ninja Warrior obstacle course for the kiddos. I ran two miles, the first at 7:42 and the second at 7:41! I was so happy to have gotten both under 8 minutes, especially since I haven't been running much with our cold Utah temperatures.
This is the picture where Scott's dad threw the football at his stomach...see it there, just as it was hitting him.
And Scott's dramatic reaction :). Love it!
Here's the kids doing their timed obstacle course.

The girls found some giant leaves that were as big as their heads.
Nora made Mark her buddy and always liked to go to him.
The kids table on Thanksgiving. We went around the table and did things we were thankful for from A-Z.
All the kiddos loved taking turns holding baby Pierson.
The older girls often dressed up in Grandma's scarves and shalls and did make-believe play.

We took a walk around Shelly Lake which was beautiful.
Nora took a liking to Mark. 

Shelly Lake was so beautiful that the next morning Scott and I decided to go for a jog around Shelly Lake.
This is walking distance from Grandma's backyard; the kids went a couple of times and 'fished'.

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