Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lights at Temple Square and snow

Last Sunday the 13th, after church we took the kids up to Temple Square to look at the lights. This has become a tradition that we like to do each year. And added bonus to going on Sunday: free parking under the conference center. 

 It was cold, but not horribly cold and there wasn't snow on the ground just yet, which was nice. We stopped in the visitors centers and in the tabernacle to look around and enjoy the music and decorations.
 The lights are beautiful, made even more beautiful by the gorgeous temple in the background.

 Some of the kids asked for individual shots with the lights in the background.

 And the next day it snowed! So grateful we got up there before the really freezing cold temperatures!

 Most mornings, once the kids leave for school, Nora and I spend some time cleaning the kitchen, and other parts of the house. But on this particular morning she asked very nicely if I'd go out with her to build a snowman and so we dropped everything and did just that. Laundry and dishes can be done later in the day. :)

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