Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dad Math Tutor, Room Mom for Christmas Party, Advent Calendar, BYU game with friends

Elisabeth has started bringing home some math problems that are challenging for me, so I usually have her wait for dad to get home so he can help her out. And I try and listen in so I can 'remember' how to work these problems as well :). I'm grateful to have a husband who can fill in where I am lacking. And who is amazing  in everything else. 
 Jane made this graham cracker gingerbread house at school just before she went off break. Most of the candy is gone now, but the house is still standing.
 I am the room mom for Annabelle's second grade class. We had our Christmas party on Friday last week, the 18th. I had a few other parents come in and each of us were in charge of a Christmas activity. We had four rotations: card making craft, christmas bingo, Christmas stories, and a book exchange (we read "twas the 'right' night before christmas' and they would pass their books whenever they heard the words 'right' and 'left'.). Each rotation was about 8 minutes and then we had time for eating.
 Later that day we watched our good friends, the Arkell's, youngest three kiddos while the older ones went to see, A Christmas Carol with Ben and Gina. We painted ornaments, ate and played and watched Ice Age.
 I found this on the floor of Charles' closet this week. It was his lunch from who knows when. Probably a couple of weeks ago because I don't remember making pancakes this week. But what we have here are moldy pancakes with white fuzz growing on the top.
Annabelle had a friend over Saturday and I took this picture as she was watching, waiting for her to arrive. 

 I got this advent calendar a year or two ago and we put it up at the beginning of the month and have been doing a Christmas activity each day. Many of the activities are things we would be doing anyway like, "attend christmas piano recital" or "go to ward Christmas party" or "go to orchestra concert" and "lights at temple square".
This week we, one of the sticks in our calendar said, "make christmas craft". Scott made up some dough and the kids used christmas cookie cutters to cut out shapes which we then baked. These are the ornaments we painted with the Arkells, and we sent some home with them. Can you see a few of them on this tree? Stocking, star, gingerbread man and a wreath.

 Charles had been doing a lot of drawing lately. He and Annabelle both seem to love it. This is a picture Charles drew this past week which I thought was pretty awesome.
 Saturday the 19th, in the afternoon we had our good friends the Wilcox Family over to watch the BYU v Utah game and eat some yummy foods :).
 We've been good friends with this family since we moved in 8 years ago and we have kids similar ages which is fun. Scott and Brian had a mutual friend....this friend's parents were over the mission in Raleigh when Scott was a youth, so Scott became friends with him and Brian even came out to visit this friend since they were best friends, and so Scott and Brian met then. Small world. :)

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