Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Recitals and Performances

The kids had their Christmas piano recitals, orchestra and choir recitals and a tumbling performance this month. We started off the recitals with Charles and Annabelle who had there piano recital Tuesday the 8th and we finished with Elisabeth's piano recital on Friday the 18th. In between those two we had the ward Christmas party which I was in charge of on the 12th (and in which the primary children sang a Christmas song, "Samuel tells of baby jesus"), the tumbling performance on Monday the 14th, and the orchestra and choir recitals on Thursday the 17th in the morning and evening. Everyone did fabulously and we couldn't have been two prouder parents watching our children perform things they've been practicing daily for weeks and months. Love you guys and all your hard work! Diligence and hard work pay off. There will be lots of short videos in this post from the various recitals. 

Here's the program for Charles' and Annabelle's recital:

Charles playing, Carol of the Bells:

Annabelle playing Deck the Halls:

After their recital, I asked Annabelle and Charles to sit on the piano bench so I could take their picture, and this is what we got: stiff, uncomfortable and awkward :).

 Ok, I said, now give each other a hug and smile! That helped them relax and this picture turned out much more natural :).

The next week we had Elisabeth's tumbling Christmas performance. She started tumbling last month and has been loving it. She went into it already knowing how to do a front and back walkover (a friend taught her) and now that the performance is done, they're learning their back handsprings.

Here's a video of part of that performance:

Next up was the elementary Orchestra and choir concert(Thursday morning for the school and again Thursday night for parents. Nora and I went to both.). Elisabeth is the piano accompanist along with another girl, and Charles sang in the choir. I was surprised when Charles asked to sing in the choir because when the children have to sing at church in front of the congregation, he usually just stands there and doesn't sing. But he said that he really wanted to and that he promised he would sing. And he did :). 

The pianists had to audition for this part and there were quite a few auditions, which tells you that both of these girls are pretty talented.

When Elisabeth played that night, she also had a piano solo. She decided to play, Bring that Torch, Jeannette Isabella. Here's that video:

And a video of Charles Choir singing, "keep Christmas with you" with some sign language. 

 And this past weekend we finished off with Elisabeth's Christmas piano recital Friday night. Scott and I attended this with Charles and got a babysitter for the girls; children 5 and under are not supposed to attend these...they really like to have a quiet audience and when we told the kids we were having a babysitter, the others wanted to stay. We found this teacher through good friends of ours, the Arkells. We've been good friends since our days at BYU; we were in the same ward when we were young families and Gina was my visiting teacher and we just hit it off. We went on walks together every day and we took cake decorating classes together. Anyway, three of their kids were in the recital so it was fun to watch them too. They're all very good.

And many thanks to Ben Arkell for taking this video of Elisabeth playing Silent Night(I took one too but I just made a video on my iphone and he had a nice camera on a tripod so I went with his version since the lighting, sound and picture quality were much better :)): 

And now, we can relax! These recitals and performances are a lot of hard work for the kids and they spend extra time practicing and on top of that they had lots of tests to take before the break and so they are all very much in need of a little time off to just relax at home. Love you guys! Merry Christmas!

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