Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Decorations, Book of Mormon, Girls Book Club

We got back from North Carolina at midnight on Tuesday/Wednesday December 1, and by Wednesday the 2nd I had all the Thanksgiving decorations down and put away and most of the Christmas decorations at least in the house. We didn't get them all up with the stockings hung and the tree up for a couple more days, but once we did it felt magical. I love Christmas lights. They are what brings a lot of that magical feeling. 
I made a goal several months ago to start and finish the Book of Mormon, once again, but I wanted to be done by the new year. Which meant I had to read more than a chapter a day for most days. I made it to the book of Ether by the end of November and I'll be in Moroni this week so this goal is going to be accomplished on time! I loved reading it faster because it helped with my understanding, and chronologically how everything went together. For book club this past month we were to read the general conference magazine from this past October which also meant I had to read a couple of those talks a day so with the two of these combined, scripture and conference talks, I got a lot of personal study time in each day and I loved it. 

Here's Nora, our little elf. I love this headband!
Elisabeth and her friends started a book club and they had their first meeting at our house on Friday December 4th. They discussed The Scarlet Pimpernel and ate honey sweetened, whole wheat peanut butter cookies. I love that they're doing this! Little Elisabeth here is my best friend in the making. Scott will always be my BFF, but children, siblings and parents come in as a close second :).
Our city put on a free Christmas concert one night and Elisabeth, Charles and I went with Kim and a couple of her kiddos and Maddie. It was wonderful. The music was beautiful and brought in the spirit.I love music!

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