Monday, December 21, 2015

Breaking habits, Primary Chorister, Ponderize Week 8

We've been trying to get Jane to stop sucking her fingers for the past year. Having three older siblings who also sucked fingers/thumb but quit years ago, we knew she was at about the right age that we could use some gentle persuasion to help her want to quit. We talked to her about being a big girl and how once we're at this age we should give up finger sucking. We also told her that we knew it was a hard thing to do and that once she was all done sucking her fingers (she had to not do it for at least 21 days in a row since that's about the time it takes to form a habit), we would celebrate and have a special date with mom and dad or a party with the family.
She didn't want to for several months, but then a couple of months ago she decided she was ready (we would kindly talk to her about it every once in a while, like maybe once a week; we'd remind her that we were excited for her to be a big girl who didn't suck her fingers anymore, and that we were excited to celebrate with her. Also, in our prayers, we started asking for help and strength to be able to do this). I also told her at that time, that I would do something hard with her: I would quit biting my nails. I'd been trying to quit for years and years, probably since the 5th grade. I had been able to stop for short times, weeks even, but never for good. But doing it for Jane, to help Jane, and to be good on my word that I would do something hard if she would, changed things. And I'm pleased to say that Jane and I have both quit our bad habits and have been doing great for about 2 months now. We celebrated by having homemade pizza for dinner with the family, and then Scott and I took Jane to Kneaders Bakery to pick out a dessert.
Elisabeth and Annabelle put some of their money together that they've earned and bought a little Christmas tree with lights and a string of Christmas lights which they have displayed in their bedroom. They also made a bunch of snowflakes made from paper and hung them from their ceiling.
Now that Scott's putt up the crown molding in their bedroom, which was laying in the middle of their floor for a couple of months, they have space in their to practice some gymnastics moves :).
Last month I was called to be the Primary Chorister at church, which means I get to teach the children in our ward, songs about Christ and his Gospel. On this particular week, they went 'fishing' for clothing items attached to a card with a song written on it, and then we'd sing the song and they'd either dress up me or Maddie. One of the 11 year old girls in the group had a camera on her and snapped this picture of us and then emailed it to Elisabeth :). We look pretty awesome! I love music, especially the primary songs, and I love working with children, and it's fun having all my kids in there. At the same time, I loved working with the youth as the Sunday School teacher; they were so much fun and I looked forward to my time with them each week. They will be missed. 

This is one of my all-time favorite scriptures and since we're back to me in our rotation, I choose this for our next Ponderize scripture. I think I love this scripture so much because it's a good reminder of what I'm striving to be as a wife, mother, friend etc. I am continuously trying to be humble, gentle, easy to be entreated (to me this means people aren't afraid to talk to me because I'm always respectful and kind in my responses, patient, long-suffering (great ones for parents), temperate in all things (to me this means even tempered always), always keeping God's commandments, always praying, being sincere as we ask him for things we need that are good and thanking him all that we receive.

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