Monday, November 2, 2015

Stephen Covey, Ponderize Wk 4, Service, Cookie Making, E Halloween Recital

Stephen M R Covey, son of the late Stephen R Covey, spoke at a dinner we were having for Scott's work (and others who work as civil engineers and road/transportation people). He spoke on having trust in your work place and how important it is to give trust to those you work with and for, in a smart way. I really enjoyed his speech and it reminded me of some of the points in his father's book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, a book I highly recommend.
Moving on, Charles was next up in our Ponderize rotation and choose this scripture for us to memorize during week 4. This is one of my personal favorites.

Nora likes to 'play dead'. And people wonder why I don't get a dog! Who needs one when you've got young kids?
Nora demonstrating her awesome somersault.
On an early morning jog one day this week, I was telling Scott that I was feeling like I don't do much for others because I'm so busy and involved with our family but that I would like to. The Lord heard my plea and answered it later that day when a neighbor knocked on the door, needing to take her husband to the ER and asked if I could watch her two boys, ages 8 months and 3. I could feel the Lord's love as he blessed us with this opportunity to serve and at the same time, bless their family. The kids were thrilled to have young ones to baby sit and play with.
And they LOVED having a baby around. They all took turns holding baby Caleb and argued over who got to feed him his dinner that night :). They stayed for quite a few hours and we put them to bed at our house, and their parents got them later that night, but everything went well and we all felt blessed to have them there with us.
The next day, Friday, my kids were off of school so we got our stuff (chores etc) done in the morning and played with friends in the afternoon. Abby and Maddie, Elisabeth's friends came over and they made some really yummy snickerdoodle cookies.
Later that night Elisabeth had another piano recital, this time it was Halloween themed and they all dressed up in their costumes and played a Halloween-type song. Scott went this time (we switch going because children ages 5 and under are not allowed which means we have to stay home with Nora) but he took a video of her playing her piece while I'll post below. After the recital, we went to a friends for dinner and we visited while the kids played and watched, Inside Out. We've been so blessed to always have had such good neighbors and friends.

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