Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sick, BYU basketball, Piano Festival, Home and Family Life

We had Charles, Nora and then Jane all get sick for about a day, maybe less with a fever and some congestion. This is what 'sickness' looks like at our house: lots of sleeping in bed, with the humidifier and the diffuser going which has an essential oil inside (I used DoTerra's 'breathe' because of her congestion). I also rubbed some peppermint on her back for her fever and 'on guard' on her feet.

 This is actually my snack, not Jane's. I love ants on a log.
 Friday night we went on a double date with our good friends, Maren and Brian Wilcox, to the BYU basketball game.They have quite a few seasons tickets, shared amongst their family(Maren's siblings, parents etc), to the basketball and football games and when they have extras, they'll invite some friends and Scott and I try and go when possible because we enjoy being together and because we love BYU. Some of the seats come with complimentary buffet dinner and unlimited snacks which is fun too :).
 I hadn't been in the Marriott center for years, and they'd redone the inside which looked pretty cool.

 I also enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and the cougarettes perform. They are all so amazing!

 Saturday morning after Zumba, we watched a friend from Colorado's kids...she recently moved here and it was good to see them again.
 Saturday afternoon Elisabeth played at the Sandy Music Teachers Association Festival, along with a lot of other piano students, and then she got a call back later that afternoon saying she received an 'honorable mention' which means she didn't place, but was really close so she was invited to come that evening and receive a medal, but she didn't have to play her piece again for the recital that night, which made her feel a little more at ease :).

 Even though she looks so much shorter than everyone there, she is growing! I know because I just had to buy her  a new pair of jeans (finally!) because the others were hitting above her ankle :).
 Here is Elisabeth with her amazing talented teacher Bridget Johansen.
 On the way home I dropped by Walgreens and got my passport photo...I got a new one last year and didn't get around to filling out my passport papers until just recently, and then found out that you're no longer allowed to smile in your passport photos so I had to retake mine. I guess because of face recognition technology etc, and because most people don't normally smile as they go through security, they want a more neutral looking face on your passport. So I got that taken care of. Now I just need to plan a trip out of the country :). We for sure will sometime in the next ten years.

Once we got home we popped some popcorn and played a family game of yahtzee before putting the kids to bed. Elisabeth got to stay up a little later that night with mom and dad and we decided to spend our time in mom and dad's bed, cozied up in the warm blankets, looking at and laughing over pictures from our photo albums back when Elisabeth was a toddler.
 Sunday mornings normally Scott and I go to choir practice together at the church and Elisabeth watches the kids, but Scott had a cold this past Sunday and stayed home. This is the scene I walked into when I got home: Love this family of mine and I love that they all love to be together...that takes hard, diligent and consistent work, especially on the part of Scott and I. I'm thinking of the words from Alma 7:23 where he lists some qualities like, 'gentle, long suffering, patient, meek, easy to be entreated, temperate in all things' and so forth. Yep, lots of work over the years, and we're not perfect, but we've come a long way.
And here's Nora on a late Sunday afternoon...she doesn't get naps in most Sundays because we have church from 1-4 this year, which is right during nap time, but in a months time that will change.

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